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Letter From an Insane Asylum

July 7th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I started my podcast in the days of the horse and buggy, technology-wise.

I had a website created by one service.

I have my episodes hosted by another service.

I have podcast tech support from yet another service.

I have my email list (that my podcast helps me build) run by another service.

I generate the opt-in forms I send people to with still another service.

It’s enough to make you insane.

Now forget podcasting for a minute, since you’re probably not a podcaster.

Suppose you just want to start your online business, or you want to earn some dough online, and you prefer not to lose your mental health.

Bare minimum would be an opt-in page builder and an email service, so you can collect email addresses and then send affiliate offers to that list.

Beyond those things, you might also want: a website builder; a membership site creator (so you can earn recurring income and/or sell courses); a mobile app builder (for added awesomeness); a design service to create eBook covers, videos, and info products; a heat map to find out where most of the activity on your site is; etc.

I can think of a bunch of ninja tools you might also want to have, too.

Now imagine not having to integrate 27 different products from 27 different companies, and instead getting all of this in a single place, on a single platform, for one smacker a day.

It’s too late for me. Save yourself:


Three Affiliate Programs That Pay My Bills

July 5th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Here are three affiliate programs I’ve had a lot of success promoting (and therefore earning commissions from):

(1) The Ron Paul Curriculum. Well, duh: I created hundreds of videos for this K-12 homeschool program. I’m a natural to promote it. But it’s an excellent product for you, too — the retention rate is 95%, and you keep earning that $125 commission every year a family who joins through your link stays subscribed.

(2) Bluehost. Anyone you interact with online is at least potentially in the market for a website, and they’ll need hosting. Bluehost is a provider you can promote with confidence.

(3) Rocket Languages. Promote them only when they have sales, which they notify affiliates about in advance. Commissions are a generous 60%, and it’s a great product.

These are three high-quality, high-converting affiliate programs.

Beyond that, you’ll have to look around.

Good news: there’s a directory of some of the best affiliate programs around. You should have it in your arsenal.

Better news: pick up this directory and I’ll throw in as a bonus my video series helping you get started as an affiliate.

Price is leaping up within 48 hours tonight (July 7), so check it out:

Extreme Couponers Are Chumps

June 30th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

You know those extreme couponers — they clip coupons for a full-time living, and they get practically their entire grocery order for free.

What most people do only casually, they do strategically and deliberately. So instead of getting 5 cents off a box of Cream of Wheat, they pay 3 cents for an entire cart of food.

Problem: you spend 40 hours a week collecting coupons, and you get a $500-$600 return.


Being what’s known in the industry as a “super affiliate” is analogous to being an extreme couponer. What others do casually, you’ve got down to a science.

(As an affiliate, you earn commissions on other people’s products when people order them through your link.)

Typical affiliates sit and wait for people to come and click on their links, and are happy to earn their $40 monthly commission.

You, as a super affiliate, know where to find people, how to interest them in the offer, how to make that offer irresistible, and how to get people to click and buy.

A super affiliate, by definition, is someone who earns at least five figures per month as an affiliate.

Mark Ling, who’s been at this for 18 years, earns 6 or sometimes 7 figures per month.

In the video we did together, he takes us on a trip through cyberspace to show us the different things he’s doing to have that kind of success. (It turns out Mark is the founder of Rocket Languages, a program I’ve promoted for years!)

That video comes down at midnight PST — just hours from now. And Mark’s extremely systematic teaching program, which gets started next week, also closes down.

Curious to pull back the curtain on this crazy and fascinating world?



It Felt Awesome Crushing That 10-Year-Old in a Chess Tournament

June 30th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I made every move with patience and care.

He made his moves the very instant after I played mine.

As I thought about my next move, he would wander around the tournament room watching other people’s games.

Nice kid.

I’m not letting some 10-year-old rattle me, I thought. I’m going to play as methodically as I always do, and I won’t be thrown by contemptuous behavior.

Little by little, I started gaining advantages.

By around move 15, he stopped wandering around.

He began to take more time on his moves.

By move 25, it was all over. I had completely crushed him.

Woods, you beat a 10-year-old?

You’re darn right. Some of these kids are incredible prodigies, so you have to play them like adults.

More to the point: this arrogant kid needed to get beaten, to jolt him out of his unhealthy and unwarranted superiority complex.

In chess I would describe myself as a very strong amateur. I’ll blow any casual player off the board, but a grandmaster would crush me like a bug.

When it comes to affiliate marketing — my favorite (and I think the easiest) way to prosper online — I’m more or less the same: I can outperform average folks, but the killer “super affiliates” crush me.

One of those super affiliates (who has indeed crushed me in the past) is Mark Ling. You are going to want to watch his presentation, which I hosted, on how to be a successful affiliate.

In the presentation I even give away the name of a specific product I’ve promoted as an affiliate — to the tune of $17,275.02 in my pocket — and I show you how to get started earning commissions on it yourself.

It costs you nothing to become an affiliate of that product. Everyone reading this should do so. No excuses. Time to stop theorizing about capitalism and start actually doing it. This is an excellent product that sells well, you’ve probably heard me promote it, and some of you have even bought it!

We discussed a lot more about affiliate stuff, including excellent niches where you can find a lot of products you can earn commissions from.

You’ll want to write this stuff down.

Especially because you have only until midnight to watch it before it’s taken down:


My Biggest Fear as a Public Speaker

June 28th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

After years and years of public speaking, does fear ever enter the picture?

I’ve done a lot of public speaking, both in the U.S. and abroad. Most people who follow what I do now first saw me on YouTube.

I’m not afraid of big crowds. Big crowds are great. They laugh more readily — all you need are one or two, and the laughter spreads; in a small crowd, people feel weird laughing. Big crowds erupt into applause. They give standing ovations. Those are much easier with big crowds.

I’m not afraid that I’ll stumble over my words. Nobody’s perfect, and nobody thinks the worse of you if you make a mistake or two.

I’m not afraid that I’ll forget what I want to say.

I’m afraid of this:

Nobody showing up.

Now that’s a fear.

I remember hosting someone in my college days for a campus event who’s now a nationally known name, and at that time was a rising star. I think fewer than ten people showed up. He begged me not to publicize the attendance figures.

We all have this fear in different ways. If nobody shows up to your blog, or your affiliate offer, or whatever, that’s pretty terrible, too.

So I’m going to make you a deal.

I can bring you traffic.

On my show, which attracts a substantial audience, I publicize new blogs that were started using my affiliate link, tomwoods.com/blue. That’s a permanent offer that isn’t going to change. (Here’s that deal.)

Here’s a temporary offer that definitely is going to change: I’ll do the same for your online business, or your opt-in page, or whatever, to help you get sales or build your email list, whether or not you use my Bluehost link for your hosting.

So you won’t have to worry about crickets chirping when you open your online doors.

You want to sell stuff as an affiliate, but aren’t sure anyone will click on your link? I’ll send traffic to that link.

I’ll lay out my deal in the webinar Mark Ling and I are doing tomorrow on how to be an effective affiliate. This is the first, last, and only time I’ll be making this offer in 2017, so grab your spot:


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