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My Secret Method for Kicking My Competition All Over the Field

March 30th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

“Woods, you may already have become one of the top affiliates in the entire world.”

Whoa. I wasn’t expecting him to say that.

“You’re blowing past people who’ve been at this for 15-20 years.”

On Monday, I Skyped with the guy who runs one of the top sites for Internet marketers. It’s a site we go to in order to find out what products are coming out when, etc.

And he told me: Woods, whatever the heck it is you’re doing, keep doing it, because you’re trouncing established people who have far bigger email lists than you do.

So what is it I’m doing?

I’m following Michael Cheney’s method. That’s really it.

I own every single product Michael has ever created. And I guess it’s paying off, because one of the best-known guys in the industry just told me I’m fast becoming one of the top dogs.

Michael earns seven figures per year online, much of that in affiliate marketing. So — duh — he’s a pretty good guy to learn from.

He recently created a video series called The Commission Machine in which he explains his strategies for making lots of sales as an affiliate.

If you’ve ever been even slightly curious about how someone pulls in that much cash just by sending emails or posting on Facebook, your questions will be answered.

Plus, you’ll love the guy.

Maybe you’ll be put off by his “Earn up to $X per day!” pitch. Or the “use my secret method” message in his sales letter. If it were anyone other than Michael, I’d be skeptical.

When you’re as successful an affiliate as Michael, who’s been at this for 17 years, you’re entitled to a little boasting.

And yes, he does have his own unique method.

I’m using it right now. 🙂

It’s this way:


P.S. By the way, I’ve just added two bonuses: my Email List Building Explained mini-course, about how to build an email list (Michael doesn’t cover this), and Internet Marketing for Newbies, which gets you up to speed quickly on lots of basic stuff online earners should know about.

(You’ll see the link for my bonuses right inside your JVZoo account that will be created for you if you get The Commission Machine.)


The One Time You Should Ignore My Advice

March 28th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Last night I took Elizabeth, my 7-year-old, to gymnastics, where she’s just been bumped up to the group that preps for the gymnastics team. They think she has natural talent.

I’m really proud of this little dynamo. She’s smart, sweet, and turns out to have this talent we hadn’t known about.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she did really well at this. But she’s not interested in a career in that field. It’s just something she likes to do.

It’s like me and chess. I’m a pretty good player, and I can blow any casual player off the board. But I don’t have the desire to put in the work necessary to be a world-class player (and I might lack the natural talent anyway).

This is true of plenty of people online, too. They make a little side income as affiliates (meaning they earn commissions selling other people’s products), for instance, but that’s as far as they’re interested in taking it.

But then, as in all fields, you have the people who take something way, way past the hobby stage.

Enter the guy I’m introducing you to today.

(1) You’ve probably heard me mention him.
(2) I own every product he’s ever released.
(3) He’s one of the best affiliates in the world.
(4) He earns seven figures online every year.
(5) Although there must be others, he and I are the only affiliates I’m aware of who consistently use his method.

Note: lots of sales pages for Internet marketing info products are like self-parodies: I was broke, and then I stumbled upon this *secret method* for online riches, and now I take fancy vacations with beautiful women!

This guy is having a bit of fun with that genre at the link below. This is not the kind of page I normally send you to.

In any other situation, I cringe at and steer you away from “learn my secret method to earn commissions.” Secret method my you-know-what.

Or “Earn up to $X per day!”

But this guy really does have his own method (and you’re darn right he earns at least $X per day). And when he explains it to you, you’ll say: “Wait a minute, Woods does this!”

Correct. Where do you think I learned it from?

Check it out:


The Embarrassing Things I Did to Earn Money in College

March 18th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

If you’re a longtime reader, you already know I literally cleaned bathrooms during my freshman year.

Then, years later (1993), my friends played probably the best and most elaborate practical joke on me I’ve ever heard of. I’ll spare you the details except to say it involved a fake experiment in the college psychology department, a urine sample, and $15.

I told a friend at the Mises Institute that I’d fallen for this trick because I’d wanted the $15 that was advertised. He responded: why are you wasting your time for $15, when you could write a quick article and earn $150?

I’m not kidding: that was literally the beginning of my writing career. My first-ever article was published in 1993.

I just needed someone to point out the obvious to me.

Let me be that guy for you.

The other night I got some of the best feedback I’ve ever seen for any of the live presentations I’ve arranged for my readers.

Rachel Rofe is an expert at using print-on-demand services, coupled with sites like Amazon, to sell simple but in-demand items (like coffee mugs with funny sayings that appeal to particular niches). No design skills necessary — or believe me, I wouldn’t be promoting it.

Here’s the replay of that webinar:


Someone wrote to say:

“That was the BEST webinar for this type of stuff that you’re always promoting. I’ve seen many of the others but she was awesome and unbelievably useful!!! I was up for hours last night creating products and marketing ideas on gearbubble, etc…. Thanks to you and her for the webinar!”

Real testimony from a real person.
If you hate it, no harm done. But you won’t. You’ll say: Woods, maybe there’s something to this Internet thing after all — and this actually seems fun.

The replay comes down tomorrow. Even though it’s free, it’s highly valuable info. You are going to be impressed.

Make the time to watch before it’s gone forever:


A Miracle Has Occurred: An Online Workshop Actually Teaches You Something

March 17th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Here’s how a lot of online workshops run:

Hey, everyone, here’s five percent of what you need to know. For the rest, that’ll be $4997.

I’m personally fine with that. But I get that it can be frustrating.

Not last night. We got step-by-step training, including the exact free tools to use, and where to find ideas, to create products to list for sale on eCommerce sites.

And yes, although that sounds technical and kind of awesome, you also learned it’s not brain surgery.

Now it’s true: Rachel is not a registered charity, and she does have an offer for you at the end. I think folks on this list are OK with that.

But before getting there, she walked us through a whole lot of immediately actionable stuff. I’m new to eCommerce, so I definitely learned a lot.

Judging from the comments, you guys loved it, and I’m glad. What she’s describing is newbie-friendly, and something you can spend as much or as little time on as you like.

Lots of people already do this: with zero artistic ability, they use online platforms to create print-on-demand products. No outlay of cash, no inventory to hold, and definitely not difficult to learn.

Newbie-friendly, in other words.

There’s a countdown clock above the replay, so be sure you find the time to watch:


Mug Shots

March 16th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I think some people don’t believe me when I say, “You can do this.”

So in this post I’m showing you a couple of images of print-on-demand products Rachel Rofe created, and that have sold well on Amazon (and other eCommerce sites).

Here’s one:

Here’s another one:

If you’re saying, hey, I could come up with ideas like that, you’re right. In fact, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.

All you need are the tools, which are generally free. And if you also need a source of witty ideas, Rachel has one for you — and you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t think of it.

Want to watch how it’s done? Join us tonight (Thursday) for a step-by-step presentation.

No need to hold inventory, and no big investment. Just some basic ideas, and boom — you’ve got products (and some extra bucks).

Reserve your seat, and watch with your own eyes:


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