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A (Successful) Newbie’s Story

May 20th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

If I were to tell you, hey, there’s this guy with five kids, living in Kansas, who created a digital product online and had mad success with it, you’d say: Woods, give us a break. We know that’s you.

Well, (1) I live in Florida now, and (2) no, it isn’t!

It’s another father of five from Kansas.

Steven Alvey is a regular guy in every conceivable way. He decided he was going to crack into the online income game whatever it took.

And when he launched his first product online, it brought in $20,000 in two weeks and gave him a beautiful buyers’ email list. (Since I’ve bought from Steven, I’m on that list, too.)

Now by typical Internet marketing standards, that’s actually a small return for a product launch, believe it or not. But for a newbie, and I’ll bet for most people reading this, it’s almost inconceivable.

I’ve had a bunch of you asking me, over at my secret email address, about creating products. It seems daunting to a lot of people.

Well, Steven actually wrote out exactly what he did, from start to finish — including his mistakes. (That’s unusual, by the way: people in this industry sometimes delight in appearing infallible.)

So if you’re curious about how a complete newbie went about creating a product, making it available for sale, and enjoying that kind of success, check out his case study while he’s still practically giving it away:

P.S. Not a fan of the cheesy video. But remember, he’s a newbie. 🙂

Here’s Some of the Free Advice I’ve Already Given Through My Secret Email Address

May 13th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Until midnight Monday (May 15th), I’m giving people my secret email address that they can use to ask me questions for 30 days.

They just have to grab the excellent JVZoo Academy, which costs less than a steak dinner. It closes down forever Monday at midnight. The first OTO (one-time offer) will at that time shift to a monthly payment, which means people grabbing it now get grandfathered in and never have to pay again, and OTO2 is going up by $100.

So now’s the time to grab.

I’ve already answered some questions. Here are some samples.

How Much Time and Money Is This Likely to Take?

Someone wanted to know, if he wanted to crack into this Internet marketing game, which is an excellent niche for reasons I’ve already explained, how much of a time and money commitment is involved. My answer follows.

There are numerous ways to skin this cat. You can’t go wrong with anything Sam Bakker is offering. He is one of the honest ones. JVZoo approached him to create JVZoo Academy, and he’s perfect for it.

I would pick a sub-niche in Internet marketing and focus on that. In this case, do as I say and not as I do. My list is just Internet marketing in general. That works for me because people are largely following me for my name and because they trust me, and because they’re newbies who want to know what to do.

If I didn’t have those things working for me, I would pick one area, learn everything I could about it, and start promoting related products (and as a spare-time project, start creating my own).

These areas would include things like:

YouTube (how to make videos, how to monetize videos, how to get traffic from YouTube)
Affiliate marketing
PLR (more on this later)
Social media, and how to monetize it
and many other topics.

The kinds of products you see launching at would give you an idea of what areas people are interested in and buying in.

I would then start building an email list. I’d use various means of doing so. First, I’d make short videos about the area I’ve been learning about. (What’s great about this niche is, if you really, really study one of these areas for a solid month, you know more than 99.9% of people on earth about it. So don’t think, “How could I do this? I’m not an expert on anything!” The point is, to OTHER PEOPLE you are an expert.)

At the end of those videos I would link people to my landing page, where I’d offer them something free (a report, a course, an eBook, a video series, whatever) in exchange for their email addresses. Mailchimp costs you nothing until you reach 2000 subscribers — at which point you’ll easily be able to afford the small fee.

You can also use Facebook, including Facebook ads, to advertise your landing page and giveaway.

Note what I do at, by the way. Once someone gives me an email address, I take the person immediately to a sales page for a $27 digital product. The product is obviously worth much more than $27, so a good number of people take it. I can then use the money I earn from that to pay for more traffic to keep building my list. So the building of the list becomes self-financing.

As for the $27 product — I didn’t create it. About half a dozen of the videos were created by my tech guy, because of some issues I had with the originals. But the rest of that material is PLR — Private Label Rights. I bought the rights to be able to sell those products at that price and keep all the revenue myself.

Now a lot of PLR is terrible, but some is decent and worthwhile, and it sure saves you the trouble of creating that $27 product. Follow Paul Counts — when he offers PLR, it’s always excellent.

As you build your list, write to it as often as you have time. This is good practice. Jump onto Ben Settle’s email list (it’s free) at to watch how he does it. Infotainment is the name of the game. Entertain, and then sell something in every email.

So how much will this cost you? You’ll need a landing page, but there are cheap landing page builders out there (I can link you to one if you like). You need an email autoresponder, but Mailchimp is free until 2000 names. For copywriting, that’s something you can figure out on your own by reading good copywriters. Or read a couple books on the subject by Bob Bly, one of the masters. (I’ve even let Bob write copy for me — making him the only person I have ever allowed to to so.) Web hosting, if you decide to get a full-blown website, is not expensive, especially if you use a service like Bluehost, which is good if you’re just starting out. The domain will cost you about $14 per year, including domain privacy. So this doesn’t have to be a huge investment.

How Do I Make This Page Better?

Someone who’s created a business course for homeschoolers wanted to know how to improve the page he created for it. He’s using an easy-to-remember redirect link to take people to that page. I advised him not to use that link as a redirect, but to create something at that link that pre-sells people on his course before sending them to the course. My answer to him follows. (I have X’ed out the name of his redirect URL.)

Here’s my thought. We are really pitching our courses more to parents, who will be paying for them, than to students, who are forced to do what their parents tell them. So I would not have redirect to your course page, where you’re simply listing what the course covers. You should link to your course on, obviously, but I think your copy on XXXXX should appeal directly to parents on a visceral level.

In other words, not just: here’s some interesting stuff it would be great for students to know.

Instead, give some scary statistics about unemployed twentysomethings, about kids living with their parents, about student debt, the whole nine yards.

Then: we know the public schools aren’t preparing young people to enter the economy — but neither are most homeschool curricula.

As parents, we want to do everything we can to ensure our kids do as well as, or better than, we did. And in this economy, that means more than just studying the traditional subjects.

It means giving them knowledge and tools no one else is giving them. That’s the best way to ensure they don’t wind up another statistic in the newspaper.

Let’s face it: no matter how talented our students are, we worry about that.

I have that knowledge, and I want to share it with your high-school children.


Then link to your course overview page.

Can That Michael Cheney Program Work For Me?

I’m a big Michael Cheney fan; I think his Commission Machine program is scandalously underpriced, and is the best affiliate training program you’ll get anywhere near a price like that.

But as of February I’m also a member of his high-ticket 7-Figure Franchise. If you’re a Facebook friend of mine, you’ve probably seen Michael tag me to congratulate me on high-ticket commissions I’ve earned.

There’s no question the thing works. I ran a week’s worth of emails about it starting on March 28, and then I adjusted my (modest) email list on this subject to make sure everyone joining gets a 7-day campaign about Michael’s Commission Machine program. Once they’re in Michael’s funnel, they get pitched, in his entertaining style, on his other products, and I earn commissions on those, too.

I’ve barely even mentioned his high-ticket product itself. Instead, I’ve just told people about his $20 product, and Michael’s emails do the rest. Since March 28, I’ve pulled in $18,927.86, almost completely hands free.

I realize how ridiculous this sounds, believe me. But the Franchise is a brilliant idea, and the logic of it is unassailable.

Someone wrote to ask a very reasonable question: what could a newbie, with no email list, expect to achieve with this? Here’s my answer.

If you send traffic to his optin page — my redirect link is — it absolutely does work. You do get commissions, and you do get the occasional $1000 commission without really trying. Once you send the traffic, his email sequences do all the work. Does it almost sound too good to be true? Yes. But I have the income statements to prove how well it’s worked for me.

I started doing this with an email list (my Happy Earner list) of only 5800 names, which is a small sliver of what the big guns have. But since I use Michael’s methods and I don’t bore my list to death, my people actually open my emails, and I’m competitive with some of the biggest affiliates in the world.

FYI, the one feature of the 7FF I don’t use is Michael’s emails, simply because they’re not my style. People know me, and those emails aren’t me. So I write my own emails.

My promotion of the Commission Machine, a product I love, went so well that I decided I wanted to just keep pouring $ into Michael’s funnels. So I’ve revamped my Internet marketing email list so that people get a 7-day Cheney sequence when they join the list, to make sure all my people are at least aware of what he’s offering and have a chance to opt in.

As of today, I’m looking at over $18,500 in revenue over a six-week period, just for sending a bunch of emails one week. It’s crazy.

So the question is: could a newbie do as well?

Not right off the bat, no, but then you don’t need $18K in six weeks.

(And by the way, that’s just from promoting Michael’s products. If I used all his affiliate campaigns, I’d make even more, but I have my own schedule and plans for affiliate campaigns.)

One of the benefits of the program is the video recordings of Michael’s January 2017 seminar in Edinburgh. I’ve watched them all. They pretty much take you from 0 to awesome. You might want to go through The Commission Machine first (the 7FF includes all his products). You will know just what you need to do.

Although Michael says an email list is not strictly necessary, you’ll want to build one. I know several people who have had decent success with this without a list. If you want to have life-changing success with it, as I’ve had so far, you will want a list. That can be your spare-time project. One of Michael’s products (which, again, is included with the 7FF) is a course on how to build a list of email subscribers.

Every single affiliate marketer started with a list of 0. There are all kinds of resources on how to build one. As for what to send to that list, Michael even writes the emails for you (though as I said, I don’t use this feature of his program; I prefer to write in my own voice).

Nothing beats email for online sales. Building a list is a matter of elbow grease. Put in the work, and it will come.

Want to be able to ask me your online earning questions? I have a private email address that goes straight to me, and that you can use for 30 days if you pick up JVZoo Academy through my link.

How to Get My Secret Email Address So You Can Ask Me Questions

May 10th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I have an email address almost nobody knows about.

When someone is super-duper important, I give that person that address.

I’m on the verge of giving it to you, and you can write to me with whatever questions you have about earning an online income.

Today every affiliate in the world is frantically promoting a particular product: JVZoo Academy. It’s for beginners at (1) creating digital products or, as I myself prefer, (2) becoming an affiliate for existing products.

That means you earn commissions when people buy things through your link. The product creators deal with returns, complaints, order fulfillment, etc. You just collect the dough. It’s almost not fair.

But it’s incredible and amazing, as I can tell you from personal experience. All day long, while doing other things, I get notifications on my phone about commissions I’ve earned. Every morning I wake up and check. You can do this, too.

Today, with JVZoo Academy launching, most Internet marketers are sending emails like this:



I’m doing something different. I’m offering to give you my private email address, that goes directly to me, that almost no one knows about, so I can help you succeed.

I’ll earn a commission if you buy. But being able to get your questions answered by a real person, and someone you’ve sort of come to know, is going to be worth way more to you than my commission is to me. (When you see how inexpensive the product is, especially until midnight tonight, and therefore how small my commission is, you’ll understand what I mean.)

So grab JVZoo Academy and I’ll answer your questions personally for the next 30 days:

P.S. To find out my secret email address, log in to the JVZoo account that will be created for you when you pick up JVZoo Academy and under that product click on the button that reads Tom Woods’ Bonus.

Stumped for a Niche? Try This One

May 8th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

There are plenty of great niches out there that can generate an online income, from pets to weight loss to health. But if those don’t catch your fancy, and you’re stumped as to what niche to enter, I’m going to recommend the one I myself have entered on the side, namely Internet marketing.

I’m mainly in the education niche myself, with my Liberty Classroom and my (pretty darn good) affiliate site for the Ron Paul Curriculum. But on the side I’ve entered this other niche, and it’s worked out extremely well.

Here’s what makes it good:

(1) It’s something lots of people need. Anyone trying to make a living online will be interested in things like (a) attracting website traffic, (b) getting websites designed, (c) getting websites hosted, (d) getting graphics designed without breaking the bank, (e) social media marketing, (f) building an email list, (g) how to write copy that sells, (h) creating landing pages, and (i) plain old “how do I earn money online?” The products you promote will help people solve those problems.

(2) It’s really easy to be an affiliate in this niche. (In other words, it’s easy to find other people’s products you can promote and earn a commission.) There are tons of products launching all the time, they’re all looking for affiliates to help promote them. The affiliate payment is much more generous than with physical products: usually 50%, but sometimes as much as 100%.

(3) These products generally have some form of scarcity attached to them: either they come off the market altogether after a certain amount of time, or their price rises after the initial launch. It is much, much easier to make a sale when the customer knows there’s a chance of missing out.

(4) There are some jerks in this industry, so you’ll stand out just by being a decent person.

There are other reasons, too. I don’t know of any industry that has something like Michael Cheney’s 7-Figure Franchise, which he launched early this year. I’ve had tremendous success with it. I cannot get over how brilliant the logic of it is.

Michael Cheney is one of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world. Anyone in his right mind wants Michael promoting his products. I have earned a small fortune promoting products using Michael’s method.

Toward the end of March I promoted one of Michael’s products — The Commission Machine — to the smaller of my two email lists. This is a very inexpensive but exceptionally valuable product. As you’ll see if you buy it, it lays out the exact strategy I myself use for successful affiliate promotions: where to find products, how to make sales, how not to bore your prospects to death (as so many affiliates do), and a lot more.

As a member of Michael’s 7-Figure Franchise, I earn 100% commissions on all his products. So every cent of those sales went directly to me. When people buy his upsells, all that money also goes to me.

Once people enter their email addresses on Michael’s landing page, the fun really starts. They get placed into an 8-week email sequence in which, in his usual entertaining style, Michael pitches them on all his products. I also earn 100% commissions on every one of those sales.

So once I send traffic to Michael’s page, all I have to do is sit back and wait. Michael’s email sequences do all the work.

And if someone buys one of Michael’s high-ticket, back-end products, I earn a $1000 commission.

This has worked so well for me that a few weeks ago I revamped my Happy Earner email list so that all the new people who join it are automatically taken through a 7-day email sequence promoting The Commission Machine before they start receiving my regular emails.

It’s been just under six weeks since I sent out that week’s worth of emails, and it’s earned me $17,501.88.

The money in this niche is ridiculous. If people knew, they’d be shocked.

So if it’s plain old dough you want, you should at least look into it. Suppose you managed to build an email list of 1000 people (which is totally doable). That’s a little more than one-sixth the size of my (quite modest) list when I started that Cheney campaign. Would you be satisfied with one-sixth of $17,501.88 after a week’s worth of emails?

Don’t do anything you don’t want to do, but I’m just telling you: I’m in the middle of this pool, and the water’s great. Particularly this water.

Pat Buchanan’s Blunt Advice to Me

April 30th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

One dinner with Pat Buchanan in 2005 set me on the right path at a time of uncertainty in my life.

Pat had been reading my columns for a number of years, and in late 2004 had even named me “Most Original Thinker of the Year” on the McLaughlin Group’s year-end awards show.

(I’m beyond tired this morning, by the way, because I stayed up much too late reading Pat Buchanan’s absorbing new memoir of the Nixon years, so I’ve got Pat on my mind.)

I was in the middle of the all-out assault from the left and the neocons (I know, I repeat myself) over my temerity in writing The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History.

There really isn’t anything you can do about it, Pat said. He added that when he gives a lecture even today, there will be people in the back handing out some offensive column of his from 1977. These people never stop.

So he said, “Where there is no solution, there is no problem.”

Since I can’t do anything about it, I should forge ahead on all fronts.

Pat himself almost never responds to critics. He just keeps churning out bestselling books, which is the best revenge.

But he said that one reason all the smears hadn’t destroyed him is that Americans had seen him on TV forever. They knew him. He was obviously not a “Nazi,” or whatever else the hysterics said.

I took that advice, too.

I’ve been on TV a little, but I never lived in a major city long enough to be on much. But in this day and age I don’t need TV. I just need YouTube.

The videos of my speeches, and the videos I made in my office, are what brought me continued success even in the wake of relentless attacks. “How did you hear about me?” is nearly always met with, “I saw one of your videos.”

There’s a learning curve when it comes to making videos that keeps most people from doing it. That’s too bad, because video dramatically increases your website traffic, is more shareable than a blog post, and (if you’re selling something) gets you more sales.

Today is the last day I’m offering my video series on how to run an effective YouTube channel as a free bonus when you pick up Kevin Fahey’s truly indispensable IM Video Masters course. That course teaches you everything: it assumes no prior knowledge and takes you from equipment selection all the way through editing and more. You will need it someday.

You probably need it now.

Copy and paste your receipt into my contact page, and the bonus is yours.

Grab before midnight strikes:

How I Defended Ron Paul Against the Scum of the Earth

April 28th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

During Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns, lots of really crummy people launched lots of ignorant and hostile attacks on him.

I took the worst ones and made YouTube videos in response.

Those videos, taken together, got hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of views. They were much more effective than anything I put in writing in Dr. Paul’s defense. And as an ancillary benefit, I think it’s safe to say that they went a long way toward making my own name better known, far more than any blog post I published.

That’s what video can do for your traffic, your name recognition, your sales, your business, whatever you’re trying to do.

It accelerates everything.
The barrier to entry? The learning curve.

I just cut that curve to shreds for you:

P.S. For 48 more hours, I’m giving away our video series How to Run a Successful YouTube Channel as a free bonus to people who grab (the temporarily super cheap, but super comprehensive and helpful) IM Video Masters at the link. Just forward me your receipt, and she’s yours.

The Associated Press Smears Me, I Hit Back

April 25th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I was giving a lecture at a university in Wisconsin when I got the news: the AP was out with a hit piece on me, inspired by the Democratic Party of Idaho.

It was 2010. My book Nullification had come out that year. It called on states to take Thomas Jefferson’s advice and refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws.

After speaking to a packed auditorium (450+) at Boise State University the previous night, I had a private breakfast with the governor of Idaho to discuss the idea. He had read the book, as had key people in the state legislature.

The book became such a sensation in the Idaho government, in fact, that ABC News even did a segment on it.

Then the Associated Press came after me.

You can imagine the things they say about somebody who thinks the states have a role to play in determining constitutionality. The usual career-destroying smears.

I knew instinctively that a blog post wouldn’t be enough to defend myself. When I got back home I’d have to get on camera.

The trouble was, I knew zero about making videos.

So if you watch the first video that I made myself on my YouTube channel, you’ll see it’s a mess: the lighting is wrong, it’s pixelated, awful.

Bad video is slightly better than no video, but ugh.

For months afterward, I struggled to get the lighting right. The lighting is all over the place in my early videos.

A professional-looking video gives you instant credibility. A lousy one does the opposite.

And man, can it bring in traffic: I got maybe 12,000-15,000 downloads of my eBook on Bernie Sanders, but over 56,000 views of a short, simple video about him.

And Facebook loves video.

But it’s scary, it seems impossible, and you don’t know where to begin. Yet at some point you will have to figure this out. It WILL generate more traffic for you, and that means more dough — sometimes a lot more.

Don’t wait until the AP is dragging your name through the mud all over the country.

Grab this free PDF cheat sheet (it’s available for only the next 36 14 hours) and live training:

Here’s What Humiliation Looks Like

April 17th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Whether or not you like Pink Floyd’s music, you’ll be interested in this story.

After bassist and principal writer Roger Waters left Pink Floyd after The Final Cut (1983), he embarked on a solo career with mixed success.

Pink Floyd’s music deteriorated without him, but they still had the lucrative brand, so they attracted the fans.

Waters recalls, from 1987:

“I will never forget being in Cincinnati playing to 1,500 people in an 8,000-seat arena and my ex-colleagues playing the next night in a sold-out football stadium.”

I actually saw both Pink Floyd and Roger Waters that year. (I was 15.) For my money, Waters had by far the better concert. Pink Floyd had lasers. Waters’ show had genuine heart and soul.

He had something great, in other words, but nobody knew about it.

That’s the trouble everyone who struggles online faces: I’ve got something people will love, but how do I get them to check it out?

I made you a short video to answer this, the most agonizing question in the history of the Internet.

Try to guess what I’m going to suggest.

Whatever it is, you’re wrong.

It’s this:

How to Claim Your Commission Machine Bonuses

April 2nd, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

For everyone who purchases Michael Cheney’s The Commission Machine through my link, I’m giving away two free bonuses:

(1) Email List Building Explained, an eBook and mini-course on how to build a profitable email list. You don’t need an email list for Michael’s program, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

(2) Internet Marketing for Newbies. This video course cuts your learning curve way down as you enter this glorious new world.

To get your bonuses, simply sign in to the JVZoo account that will be created for you when you buy The Commission Machine, and just below the button marked “Access Your Purchase” you’ll see a button to access my bonuses.

When I bought The Commission Machine myself, I bought it through an affiliate named Richard Legg. As you can see in the below graphic, there’s a blue button I can click to get Richard’s bonus.

In your case, that blue button will have my name on it and will furnish you with my bonuses.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 7.20.23 PM

Check out The Commission Machine!

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