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Who Are the Good Guys in the NFL Brouhaha?

September 25th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I should cheer the athletes protesting during the national anthem, some libertarians tell me, because they’re against the state!


Colin Kaepernick, who started the whole thing, is an admirer of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. I don’t think he’s waiting by the mailbox for his copy of Human Action.

If it’s police brutality they’re upset about, that’s not a federal issue, so it makes no sense to protest it during the national anthem.

In general, the message is “white privilege,” “institutional racism,” and the alleged need for (even more) radical changes to address these alleged problems.

Sorry, but I don’t buy any of it. Read Thomas Sowell’s book Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality? You won’t be scammed by the “white privilege” folks ever again.

Ever met anyone who pretended to be white on a college application, in order to get a share of that “white privilege”?

Meanwhile, the other side is lousy, too.

What the heck are we doing politicizing and militarizing professional sports in the first place, what with the constant military displays and references?

The military establishment is not in any way protecting our freedom. It’s bleeding us dry on behalf of a hopeless global project whose scope is never defined and whose purpose remains unexplained.

If the protesters could articulate that message, or clearly oppose the warfare state’s propaganda, then we’d be getting somewhere. That kind of protest might actually make sense during the national anthem.

Now that I’ve alienated nutcases on both sides, the rest of us — who spend our time wisely! — can talk business.

Just two days from now, I’m holding a live call with Michael Cheney that will introduce you to a world most people don’t even know exists.

It’s a world in which, if you apply yourself, things can happen.

Things like $1000 commissions, of which I earned two last week.

A world that can make you so happy not even an inane NFL brouhaha can disturb you.

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How I Blew Through $20K in the Past 48 Hours

September 22nd, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Last Sunday as I finished lunch with my kids, I discovered I’d just earned a $1000 commission — for a product I wasn’t even promoting.

Then yesterday, while driving one of my kids’ friends home, my phone alerted me to yet another $1000 commission.

That’s amazing.

This is in addition to the $25,818.74 I’d already pulled in via the same method, after working part time for a week.

I don’t think I’ve ever earned that much money with so little effort before.

And yes, I realize that figure sounds ridiculous and beyond belief. It’s so ridiculous it wouldn’t even occur to me to invent it.

(In my interview with Internet marketer extraordinaire Michael Cheney on episode #1002 of the Tom Woods Show we explained the gist of it.)

So it was easy for me to give most of it away.

A few days ago I found out that the folks who organize the Austrian Student Scholars Conference had lost half their traditional funding, and were $10,000 short.

This conference is an important transmission belt to bring bright young students into Austrian economics. It really matters. So when Professor Jeff Herbener mentioned the problem to me, I told him I’d supply the rest of the money. The conference is on.

Then today: there is a crisis pregnancy center near where we live that does truly heroic work and whose operations we are familiar enough with to feel comfortable supporting. It was literally facing the prospect of closing its doors this month. So I gave them $10,000, too.

I typically keep my charitable giving to myself. It’s obnoxious not to. But in this case I think it illustrates something important: the easier the money was to earn, the easier it was to part with. And I know I’ve done some good with it.

That money is due entirely to Michael Cheney.

People are doing what I’m doing without an email list or even a website.


Sign up to find out (but remember, this is not being recorded):

P.S. In the spirit of this post, I’m donating $5 to for every person who shows up live.

Sure I’ll Clean Your Bathroom, You Disgusting Pig

September 21st, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

As a college freshman, I was given two options for a part-time job: work in the dining hall, or clean bathrooms.

The bathroom cleaning paid slightly more, so I went with that.

It didn’t take long to figure out why it paid more.


I had a master key to all the rooms in Dunster House, so I could get in and clean bathrooms even if people weren’t home.

I always hoped they wouldn’t be — if there was something more uncomfortable than cleaning a disgusting bathroom, it was doing it with the resident sitting ten feet away.

That sure makes it all the more glorious in 2017 to have raked in — I’m not kidding — $25,818.74 after a week’s worth of part-time work.

I almost feel ridiculous reporting that figure. How the #$%& can it be real?

All will be explained, my friend. But our little workshop isn’t being recorded, so reserve your seat:

Dick Cheney vs. Michael Cheney: Head to Head

September 19th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

For Americans, the last name “Cheney” can be traumatizing.

I assure you, there’s no connection between Michael Cheney, affiliate master, and the former vice president.


Dick Cheney:
CEO of Halliburton.

Michael Cheney:
Underling at ExxonMobil until he started making six figures online.

Dick Cheney:
Willfully misrepresented the state of WMD programs in Iraq.

Michael Cheney:
Is an avid cyclist and spends lots of time with family after his 25-hour work week, so no time for BS propaganda.

Dick Cheney:
Favors torture that makes people feel like they’re drowning.

Michael Cheney:
Rescues people who feel like they’re drowning.

Dick Cheney:
Favors warrantless wiretapping.

Michael Cheney:
Cares more about your conversions than your conversations.

Dick Cheney:
Accidentally shoots friend in face while hunting.

Michael Cheney:

Dick Cheney:
Presided over regime that hands me a huge tax bill every year.

Michael Cheney:
Presides over affiliate programs that generated $25,818.74 for me after a week’s worth of work. (And by the way, you don’t need an email list.)

Dick Cheney:
Taxpayers forced to pay his salary.

Michael Cheney:
Earns his dough through helping other people — which he does in spades, since he pays 100% commissions on his products.

Dick Cheney:
Not giving you a seminar on how to do any of this.

Michael Cheney:

Oh, and one more:

Michael Cheney:
Has an excellent reputation, because he’s genuine and honest, and his products are excellent.

Dick Cheney:
Not so much.

My live event with Michael Cheney is not being recorded, though.

So reserve your seat right away:

I Guarantee This Critic Is Broke

September 18th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I can always delete nasty comments, but it’s usually more fun to make an example of them.

When I first read T. Harv Eker’s book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, I didn’t believe it. He spends a lot of time discussing all the different kinds of self-defeating thinking and overall self-sabotage that guarantee a person will never be successful.

Nobody holds these attitudes, I thought.


Probably more people hold them than don’t.

I thought of this when someone left a dismissive comment on the important interview I did with Michael Cheney, affiliate marketer extraordinaire, over the weekend.

An affiliate marketer earns commissions by selling other people’s products.

Here’s the comment the guy left: “You too can make money off the efforts of people doing real work!”

I posted a response:

I could delete this comment, of course, but why would I? It’s such a perfect comment to make an example of.

First, the person writing this comment is broke. Of that we can be metaphysically certain.

Second, the person has zero understanding — even, one presumes, after listening to our discussion.

Let me address this as someone who himself recruits affiliates (for my Liberty Classroom website). My affiliates are worth their weight in gold to me. They find people I could never reach and bring them to my product. I am so delighted with this that last year I gave away a brand new car to my top affiliate, plus $5000 in cash prizes to my next nine affiliates, in addition to their 50% commissions.

Who the heck cares whether we call what an affiliate does ‘real work’? (It obviously is, but never mind.) It brings me, the product creator, new customers!

How is it different in principle from standard advertising? I create a product, and then I pay for an ad somewhere. I can imagine Mr. Genius here complaining that the place running my ad is making money off my ‘real work.’ So I shouldn’t advertise?

Product creators WANT affiliates. In Internet marketing they compete like crazy to recruit them.

In fact, if he’d been listening, the critic would have noted that Michael so appreciates what affiliates do that he offers them 100% commissions on his front-end products, his upsells, and his recurring payment programs.

Got that? He gives his affiliates all the money.

(If you listened to the interview, you know what’s in it for him.)

That sounded like a good deal to me, so I became a Cheney affiliate. Best business decision I ever made, times a thousand.

Here are my results: with a small email list (my entrepreneurship one is small), I wrote a week’s worth of emails promoting a Cheney product. He takes it from there.

That has generated $25,818.74.

What the…??

I asked the same thing, believe me. What the heck am I, a late-night infomercial? And I totally get that if you didn’t know me, you probably wouldn’t believe me.

(Sometime soon I’ll make a video with proof, in case you’re skeptical.)

Whether or not it’s “real work,” you sure can make out like a bandit online with Cheney. I have personal experience here.

We’re going to discuss how I did it at a special event — which is not being recorded, so do make an effort to be there live.

Every detail will be shared.

(And no, you don’t need an email list to do it.)

Sign up:

The Real World Is Going to Eat These Snowflakes Alive

September 3rd, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

That’s how we comfort ourselves: the safe-space, pro-censorship ninnies who intimidate people on college campuses and can’t cope with opposing views will be too delicate to cope in the business world someday.

Unfortunately, the business world is fast becoming like the universities.

“A conveyor belt of left-wing conformity runs from the academy into corporations and the government,” says a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, “so that today’s ivory-tower folly becomes tomorrow’s condition of employment.”

Virtually everyone I talk to confirms this grim assessment.

The article concludes, “It says a lot about the corporate world that it makes universities look like an open marketplace of ideas.”

All the more reason to start planning out your exit strategy, or at least to have something on the side in case it should ever come to that.

Great way to do that: Bob Bly’s book The 21 Steps to Internet Marketing Success.

Bob is “America’s top copywriter,” according to McGraw-Hill, and the only person I’ve ever allowed to write in my name.

He’s also a master at the online income game.

Until tomorrow night (when I withdraw this bonus), pick up Bob’s book and I’ll throw in a 4+ star rated Udemy course on affiliate marketing — my personal favorite way to earn passive income online.

It’s not one of these 15-minute “courses” that so many “free bonuses” turn out to be. This one’s roughly five hours of material.

Just grab Bob’s book at the link below and forward me your receipt.

But there’ll be no safe space to flee to when I stop offering that bonus tomorrow night, so….

The SJW Hammer Comes Down at Google

August 8th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Well, the hammer came down at Google, as we knew it would.

James Damore, the author of an internal memo critical of the cult of “diversity” at Google, was just terminated by the company.

Google’s official statement could be translated like this: “At Google we believe in the free exchange of ideas. That is, unless they’re ideas we dislike, in which case you’d better shut your mouth if you know what’s good for you.”

But Woods, you say, surely the company had to fire him — what company would tolerate internal dissent?

Well, presumably internal memos urging a change in company policy aren’t beyond the pale. More importantly, imagine if the memo had been urging the hiring of more LGBT people, and Google fired the author. That’s actually hard to imagine even for the purpose of a thought experiment, isn’t it?

So there’s another reason you should have one foot in your company, and one foot in a side hustle you can turn into a full-time, independent gig if it should come to that.

That way, if the SJWs ever come after you, you can tell them to go jump in a lake. (You may choose to say something nastier; the variety of ways we may choose to hit back at SJWs is an area where we should certainly celebrate diversity.)

Start figuring out your exit strategy.

I have a way you can experiment with the five major ways online earners make their dough. It’s my No Cost Income Stream course: a series of over-the-shoulder videos showing you what each of these standard income-stream strategies involves.

And true to its name, you can do all of them with zero smackers. (Naturally you can do even better with them if you spend some smackers, but that’s true of almost anything.)

In response to the August Massacre at Google, I’m taking more than 50% off this course, for just the next few days.

Check it out, and prepare to be able to tell the SJW’s to go stick it:

YouTube Censoring Unpopular Opinions? Here’s What to Do

August 4th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

A few days ago, the heroic Jordan Peterson found he could no longer upload any videos to his YouTube channel.

We’ve heard horror stories about content creators on YouTube waking up to find all their content demonetized — which means they can’t earn revenue on all their hard work anymore.

This policy change affected a great many people, including a popular YouTube personality known as Sargon of Akkad; I discussed it with him not long ago on my podcast.

I realize YouTube has the right to set whatever policy it wants. And I have the right to help people not be victimized by it.

So what can we learn from this?

(1) Social media is great, but you’re not ultimately in control. What social media giveth, it can taketh away.

(2) Use social media to draw people to something you do have control over: your email list, or your website.

Trust me, I am giving you good advice here — as these sad stories amply testify.

If you make YouTube videos, send viewers to content hosted on your site (a longer video — possibly hosted on a service other than YouTube, or a blog post, or a free giveaway, or whatever).

Build up an audience that’s independent of these SOBs.

But Woods, you say, starting a website sounds like so much work!

What if you could use your voice to tell a robot how you want it to look?

You can.

And if you grab that robot by midnight tonight, I’ll give you a free Skype consult — we’ll review your site, discuss potential improvements, and make your web presence into a well-oiled machine.

I’ll be available for that Skype call up to 365 days from now. Just send me your receipt.

Don’t let YouTube wreck your dreams. Build something that’s your own.

​​​​​​​Take action by midnight, and you’ll get my services, too, as a bonus:

My Friends and I Laughed at This Kid’s Dream. Then He Reached It

July 20th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

A guy I knew in my high school class — and who came to my wedding, too, now that I think of it — had a ridiculous dream as a kid.

He was going to be a TV weatherman.

Sure you are, we said.

There are about five openings in the whole country. Good luck with that! I’m sure we’ll see you on TV.

We were nasty little snots.

Well, if you happen to live in Nashville, you may know meteorologist Dan Thomas of NBC’s WSMV channel 4. The SOB did it after all.

Before working in Nashville, by the way, Dan was stationed in New Orleans, where he reported on Hurricane Katrina, before having to be evacuated from New Orleans.

Dan and I, in turn, grew up with Todd Gross as our weatherman, on channel 5 in Boston.

Todd Gross, though, evacuated the entire profession. He now works completely online, making massive sales of his own products and affiliate products — in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

(So now he gets his weather on a smartphone app, just like you and me.)

He’s an expert when it comes to video, which can build your audience and increase your conversions (more $, in other words) like no other medium.

Todd’s brand new Video Builder gives you an unfair advantage over the mass of wannabes out there.

Stuff like this is what makes the difference between perpetual strugglers earning $0, and masters who dominate online.

Blow past your competitors:

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