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Guess Who Was Just Nominated to Head the IRS

February 13th, 2018   |   By Tom Woods

You almost certainly don’t know his name. But I have to admit, it’s a hilarious nomination.

It’s a guy who has spent his life defending embattled taxpayers against the IRS. He’s even helped people with offshore accounts and the like.

His name is Charles Rettig.

I loved the New York Times headline: “To Lead IRS, Trump Nominates Lawyer Who Battled It.”

The Young Turks put it this way: “Trump IRS Nominee Built Career Helping the Rich Avoid Taxes.”

(Of course, “the rich” for The Young Turks is anyone wealthy enough to actually owe income taxes.)

Now you and I know there shouldn’t be an IRS at all. But if I absolutely had to appoint a director, it would be precisely this kind of person.

Meanwhile, the IRS couldn’t seize wealth in the first place if productive people hadn’t created it.

Mark Hendricks, the Internet marketing expert who succumbed to cancer last year, was the opposite of the IRS: he built up rather than tore down; he created value rather than seizing the creations of others.

His estate is having a major sale on his body of information products, which have helped thousands of people make online livings.

They’re even letting you sell his products and keep all the profits.

So you’re aiding a good cause by helping out Mark’s family, and also helping yourself.

You can just keep the products and learn from them, thereby carrying on Mark’s legacy, or you can have an instant business of your own, selling Mark’s excellent material to others.

Sell just one thing and make back your whole investment.

The estate is withdrawing this offer tomorrow, though.

I’ve even added some bonuses:

The thing to get, to get my bonuses:

How to Deal With Demons From the Pit of Hell

February 9th, 2018   |   By Tom Woods

John McCain and Chuck Schumer are horrible people, and they somehow get worse with time.

I’ve invested an enormous amount of time into political (and, I guess, intellectual) activism — so much so that I think I’ve made my personal happiness dependent on how successful we are.

Don’t get me wrong: I still care deeply about all the stuff I’ve written and spoken about over the years.

But if I let these creatures determine my level of happiness, then the terrorists have won.

These days I’m taking the advice of Harry Browne: create as much freedom for yourself as you can in this unfree world.

My top priority: taking care of the people closest to me. That’s my family and some close friends. After that, I help out libertarian causes I consider important.

I don’t think of freedom as something I have to sit and wait for Congress to grant me.

When it comes to my own life, I think in practical terms: what things can I do, that are entirely within my own power, that can give me the life I want?

There’s plenty in your control, right now. Yes, the Fed stinks. But you can have a great life anyway.

Imagine being able to take the family to interesting and exotic places on a regular basis.

Or: an unexpected setback occurs — a big hospital bill, or a major car repair — and you don’t have a knot in your stomach trying to figure out how you’re going to cover it.

You can dig ditches.

Or you can do this:

No Joking About Cancer

February 8th, 2018   |   By Tom Woods

Unless you’re a marketing veteran, you’ve never heard of Mark Hendricks.

But people who have say: the guy was a true gem.

He devoted his life to helping others start and then succeed in business — mainly online business.

He created an avalanche of information products that people swore by.

Last year, Mark died of cancer.

His estate is selling his products to raise funds for remaining expenses.

But they’re not just selling his products — they’re selling you the right to sell his products and keep the profits. In other words, you can have an instant business, and help a good cause at the same time.

I myself picked it up, along with the upgrade. They don’t get much more obvious than this one.

It’s being taken down before you know it, so have a look (via my “anti-fireside chat”):

The Sad Insecurities of a Nerdy Kid (Me)

February 1st, 2018   |   By Tom Woods

Man, the other kids sure didn’t make life easy for a kid like me.

I was bookish, I was interested in politics, I did all the things I wasn’t supposed to do.

And man, did they let me know it.

I’ll be honest with you: it screwed me up, for a long time. I became suspicious of people who seemed to want to be my friends. What was their real angle? Were they setting me up for something?

By 10th grade I had broken out of it, but the damage had been done. For years afterward, I’d always wonder where I really stood with my friends. Turns out there was nothing to wonder about, but my experiences had left me insecure and skeptical.

You may not have had my experience, but I’ll bet you’ve read some of my posts and emails and thought:

OK, this stuff works, but maybe not for me.

I of all people get and understand that.

Today is the final day to get in on Steve Clayton’s eCommerce program. If deep down you want to do this, I don’t want you paralyzed by the kind of self-doubt that has plagued me for much of my life.

Here’s the key point: they are offering a double-your-money-back guarantee. To say you almost never see something like that is an understatement.

Steve’s program gives you virtually every unfair advantage you could ask for, and is perfect for an absolute newbie.

He has changed the lives of many of my listeners.

Don’t be your own worst enemy.

Watch my four-minute video, and you’ll know what to do:

After watching the video, click here.

P.S. This closes down for good at Midnight Pacific Time.

Three Words That Will Leave You Dead in the Water

January 31st, 2018   |   By Tom Woods

I know them well.

They’re the reason I delayed starting my podcast — by far the best change I made to my life — for months, even years.

They’re the reason I long neglected my physical health.

They’re the reason for lots of bad decisions — or non-decisions — people make.

“I’m too busy.”

Sorry, not buying it.

We’re all busy.

If you want to make a change in your life, find the time. Make the time. Otherwise, nothing changes.

And the funny thing is: because I found the time and made the change, my new life is now much less frenetic, and I actually have a lot more time.

Leave aside my cutesy emails and posts for minute. What I’m telling you about right now is known about by only a handful of people in the entire world. It’s created by people I consider friends, who are experts on helping newbies create online businesses that liberate them, and who have a proven track record with my own listeners.

What they’re showing you — especially in last night’s presentation — is a newbie-friendly approach to eCommerce that gives you every possible unfair advantage.

You don’t even need that much time to do it, as it turns out. Devote to it whatever time you can spare, and you’ll see results.

But you do need to watch last night’s presentation. And after tomorrow night, this replay — and the whole program — will be taken down and closed for good.

Those three words are keeping your friends and neighbors in a soul-crushing rut.


Step one:

The Worst Pixar Character

January 30th, 2018   |   By Tom Woods

When you’re a dad of five girls, you wind up watching a lot of animation.

And man, have I seen Finding Nemo a lot.

Nemo’s father, Marlin, has to be the worst Pixar character — and possibly the worst any kind of character — of all time.

Marlin has the personality of your bathroom doorknob. He has zero sense of humor. Zero charm. Yet he thinks so highly of himself that he wants to name half his children Marlin Jr.

They made a sequel: Finding Dory.

They couldn’t make Finding Marlin, because if he ever got lost, no one would notice.

Savage? Maybe. But after so many viewings, you’re driven to extremes.

Sometimes, though, boring is good.

Like in eCommerce.

With everyone wanting to push fun, interesting products, there’s a huge gap in boring products. And that’s where you quietly swoop in.

Tonight my eCommerce friends — some of the best in the world — are going to show us ten examples of boring products that earn small fortunes.

Naturally, you never have to handle these products or hold inventory (I wouldn’t make you do that).

And you can know precisely how well they’re selling and what your prospects with them will be before you even get involved.

That’s why Steve and Aidan — who are completely trustworthy, and real-live friends of mine who have done wonders for many of my listeners — are offering a double-your-money-back guarantee. That’s how sure they are that this will work for you.

Best thing I’ve ever promoted, by far.

Sign up to join us tonight:

Walmart Being Sued for “Racism” Over This

January 29th, 2018   |   By Tom Woods

Essie Grundy, a black woman who lives in southern California, is suing Walmart for “racial discrimination” because at her local store the hair products pitched to black people like her are locked away in glass cases.

This is because of “racism,” she says.

In other words, she thinks Walmart — which in any other situation is demonized for being obsessed with profits — is willing to sacrifice its profits by inconveniencing people for no good reason, just so it can indulge its “racism.”

It couldn’t be that Walmart puts frequently shoplifted items in locked cases.

It has to be “racism.”

Yet another advantage to selling online: no glass cases that can get you accused of racism.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) night is the last chance we’ll get a private session with Steve Clayton and his colleagues in eCommerce.

In this presentation we’ll look at 10 boring products that almost nobody would notice, but which earn a fortune online.

And we’ll also get a glimpse of their software that automates the process of finding products that can be sold profitably.

I’ve been doing this for a while, and I’ve never seen anything like that.

Plus, these guys — who are the cream of the crop, have excellent reputations, and have made numerous Tom Woods Show listeners small fortunes — are so certain you’ll be successful following their eCommerce system that they’re offering a double-your-money-back guarantee.

Pretty good.

Sign up to join us, so you won’t spend the rest of your days roaming the earth, wondering what might have been:

Jordan Peterson Responds to Dishonest Interviewer

January 24th, 2018   |   By Tom Woods

A lot of you have seen the Channel 4 interview of psychology professor Jordan Peterson by British journalist and broadcaster Cathy Newman.

Peterson holds “controversial” views (non-leftist, in other words), and Newman was ready for a fight.

But as memes all over the Internet later reflected, whenever Newman would summarize what Peterson had just said, she did so tendentiously and dishonestly.

“Whoever she was talking to bore very little resemblance to me,” Peterson recalls.

Peterson remained cool and collected throughout the interview, which has now been viewed on YouTube millions of times.

“Her claims became so preposterous and so self-contradictory that it was difficult to remain completely detached.”

But he managed it.

Peterson became as huge as he is — his book is flying off the shelves at the moment, I might add — because of the Internet. People found out about his battles with the p.c. crowd and wanted to find out more.

Online they found countless lectures and interviews that showed him to be brilliant — and decent.

His presence in the mainstream media wouldn’t have sufficed to convey these things about him. The gatekeepers make sure of that.

How is this relevant to you?

The Internet has the potential to liberate all of us.

If you were able to join us last night, you saw what that means for your livelihood and your prosperity.

Most people around you are still working like it’s 1958.

You should work like it’s 2018 — because it is.

The guys on this training have done amazing things for my listeners.

Are you afraid you’ll be the exception?

Then they’re offering a double-your-money-back guarantee.

That’s insane.

Watch before this gets taken down:

Man Who Claims to Have Visited the Year 6000 Describes What It’s Like

January 22nd, 2018   |   By Tom Woods

A video viewed three million times on ApexTV online shows a man claiming to be a whistleblower, part of an alleged government program to send people into the future.

He claims to have visited the year 6000.

He says in the future we’re no longer governed by human beings, but by artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence and human beings “are in the process of merging into one,” he says.

He speaks in extremely vague and general terms about life in the year 6000. You’d think he’d be full of details, but all he can come up with are “we’ve cured a lot of diseases” and “solved a lot of global problems.”

I’m not completely sure I believe the guy.

But forget the year 6000.

I’d be happy just to drag some people into 2018.

In 2018, you can start an online business without the zillions of dollars and the innumerable headaches of yesteryear, and you can work on it from anywhere in the world.

It can be your full-time living, or just a side hustle to make your life more comfortable.

Tomorrow night, Tom Woods Show friend and eCommerce expert Steve Clayton is going to walk you through it.

I am shaking you by the collar: be there.

Signup link:

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