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My Conversation With George Harrison-ish

June 22nd, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I was an unusual kid. (We know, Woods, we know.)

I was a Beatles fan in the 1980s. I knew no other Beatles fans my age.

I went to a Beatles convention when I was about 10, and I met Pete Best, the drummer who was eventually replaced by Ringo Starr, just as the band was about to achieve massive success.

“You must have wanted to kill yourself,” I once heard a radio host say to him.

Earlier this week I saw a Beatles tribute band called Liverpool Legends. They were excellent. They had the music down, yes, but also the singing voices, the speaking voices, the mannerisms, the sense of humor, the stage presence, everything.

I found out a little about them, and it turns out they’ve played to audiences of as many as 100,000.

Then tonight I ran into them in a bar. (I’m on a cruise ship at the moment.) I bought them all a drink, and wound up striking up a conversation with Marty Scott, the guy who plays George Harrison.

It turns out he’s a former bond trader [!] who decided the stress was going to kill him, so as a lifelong musician he jumped at the chance to become a Beatle, so to speak. He asked for a copy of Meltdown, my book on the financial crisis. My kind of Beatle.

Naturally I started thinking about the business angle. These guys have found themselves a niche, all right: Beatles fans.

And it’s a niche not just anyone can enter. You need all the qualities I mentioned at the beginning.

So that’s great for them: less competition.

Not good for you: you want niches you can enter without needing unusual talents.

If you want to earn dough online, you need a niche. A good one.

Identifying good niches, then dominating them, is what Mark Ling has specialized in for 18 years.

He’s going to give you 20 niche ideas, plus a way to identify hundreds more, in a live session I’ve arranged for you.

If you’ve been reading these and figuring you won’t go, please reconsider. Literally nothing is more important to your success than niche selection.

And we’re donating $5 to for every live attendee, so I hope to see you there:

Columbia University’s Attempt to Raise Money From Me

June 19th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I got my Ph.D. at Columbia University. I thought it was a lunatic asylum then.

Over the weekend I received this. It’s intended as a fundraising letter, if you can believe it.

Headline: You make innovative research possible, Dr. Woods!

Here’s the “innovative research”:

“My upbringing in Long Island, in a mostly white community, created a sheltered vision of what hip-hop culture is. As I entered college, I was suddenly confronted with my own identity, driving me to learn more about issues of race, class, and gender within the culture that has taught me so much.

“At the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, my research could transcend traditional academic boundaries. My master’s was in American Studies, and my coursework spanned many departments as I examined the hip-hop cipher, or freestyle rap circle, as a means to communicate the values of the hip-hop community: education, politics, social norms, and ambitions.”

That was Ediz Ozelkan, Class of 2017 convocation speaker.

So you left graduate school an expert on “hip-hop culture”?

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

And of course, if you’re looking to support yourself in reasonable comfort, I wouldn’t recommend that.

Meanwhile, tons of people with no college degree at all, much less a doctorate, have figured out: if I pick a good niche and really learn my audience, I can absolutely clean up online.

Mark Ling, a successful online businessman for 18 years, knows how to do this. I’ve been learning from him myself for nearly two years.

He’s doing a free, private demonstration for my readers. And for every person who attends, $5 will be donated to

So grab your seat:

Hilarious Robot Stymies Telemarketers Who Try to Bother You

June 16th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

A guy in the telecom industry recently grew tired not just of telemarketers in general but of scammers in particular — people who try get sensitive financial information, or even your money, from you.

So he created a series of bots, each with its own personality, who can trick these people into thinking they’re speaking to real human beings, and thereby tie them up for extended periods of time.

I interviewed him for The Tom Woods Show; the episode will air next week.

A brilliant idea, going after people nobody likes. I doubt even telemarketers themselves enjoy doing what they do.

Thankfully, there’s no need to do cold-call telemarketing anymore. Once you’ve identified a niche you’d like to enter, there are plenty of ways online to track down eager buyers without ever having to pick up the phone. (What is this, after all, 1977?) It’s not rocket science, and it’s not the hideous misery of cold calling.

Mark Ling has prospered online in niches like music education, health, the Paleo diet, personal development, and more. And he hasn’t had to pick up the phone once.

He spends 80% of his time doing what he teaches, and 20% of his time teaching what he does. (Oh, and he’s a gazillionaire.)

By all accounts, he’s one of the good guys. He’s the Robert Higgs of Internet marketing, for my libertarian readers — someone who’s somehow liked by everyone and all factions.

He’s recorded a nice video overview of what he does — which is, in essence, what all successful online folks do. Mark just happens to be a monster at it:

For Lazy People Only

June 11th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Imagine this:

About six months ago my mentor Ben Settle, an expert on email marketing, asked people in his private Facebook group: out of curiosity, how many of you can legitimately say that your workday is finished once you’ve sent out one email?

He’s not saying you wouldn’t want to work on other projects, or whatever, after sending that email. But strictly speaking, can what you do online survive and flourish even if all you do every day is send out one email to your email list?

I don’t remember exactly how many people answered yes. But whatever the precise number was, it would shock you.

I know people whose email lists are so responsive that all they have to do is click SEND and serious dough starts showing up in their PayPal accounts.

“The money is in the list,” the saying goes.

That means your greatest asset as an online earner is going to be a list of email addresses from people who have voluntarily opted in to receive regular correspondence from you.

So how do you get a list?

Just asking for an email address without giving something away in return rarely works. The usual way is to create some product you can give away for free in exchange for the person’s email address.

But writing an eBook or coming up with some other kind of giveaway to build an email list sounds like a lot of work. So it sits on your to-do list, and never gets crossed off.

That doesn’t make you a bad person.

It does mean your progress is going to be slow.

So you’re going to thank me for telling you about the neat method I’ve been using to build my email list at my Happy Earner site.

It truly is the lazy man’s approach:

My Kids and I Spent the Day Behind Bars

June 10th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I told you I’m on vacation in Massachusetts. Well….

We spent six solid hours yesterday at one of my favorite places in the world: Boda Borg, in Malden, Massachusetts.

There you’ll find sixteen or so quests, each with two to four rooms. You walk in without knowing what the heck you’re supposed to do. If you solve the task of the first room of your quest you advance to the next room(s), until that quest is complete.

In one quest you and your partners are rats, and need to think like rats to succeed. In another, you’re in a haunted house and have to pacify a creepy baby. In another, you’re in a war zone and must pass through without getting killed.


Our favorite: Alcatraz.

You’re in a jail cell. How to get out? The answer involves crawling, climbing, teamwork, and above all, avoiding detection.

Seriously, though, half the fun is having no idea what’s expected of you when you begin each quest.

That’s not so true when you’re trying to make a living, or at least build up another income stream. Having no clue what to do is pretty crummy, and not fun in the slightest.

Hence the beauty of YourProfitStore, a newbie-friendly piece of software that creates your very own online store in literally 60 seconds, and even gives you a running start by populating that store with four software programs you’re given the rights to sell and keep all the revenue from.

As an optional upsell, you get more software to add to your store every month.

And because this is 2017, the price of this idiot-proof software is less than what you’d pay for a steak dinner.

But the price leaps up at midnight, so climb and crawl your way over to the link:

Six Kids Under 10, and She’s Still Kicking %#@ and Taking Names

June 10th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Katie runs a site and community called Wellness Mama. She has monetized it like crazy.

She has a podcast, she earns advertising revenue, she does affiliate marketing, she has a membership site, and she sends out an email newsletter.

(She’s a Tom Woods fan, too, it turns out.)

Oh, and she has six kids under 10.

“Woods, I just can’t find the time to build an online income stream.”

Did I mention Katie has six kids under age 10? She even has me beat!

She created her entire empire from scratch.

(Expect an interview with her sometime this summer, by the way. When she interviewed me not long ago, I thought: I’d love to turn the tables and get her story. That’s coming.)

Building an online empire isn’t easy, I admit.

What if I just handed you your own online store, which you could have up and running five minutes from now, plus resale rights to four software programs you can sell and keep all the money from?

And what if you had the option to get resell rights to more software every single month, to add to your store?

Katie built an empire from nothing.

Here, on the other hand, is a fully functional, ready-to-go store, with products and everything, for less than the price of a steak dinner.

Yes, this is what the technology of 2017 makes possible.

Worth a shot?

Price goes up at midnight Saturday (June 10), so have macaroni and cheese instead of a steak dinner tonight:

Radio Shack Is Dead. It Left You a Note

June 5th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Last week Radio Shack — remember them? — closed 1000 stores. It’s all over.

Their business model had been unenviable ever since their line of computers was outcompeted decades ago. They sold five-dollar parts for various electronic products. They have not survived Amazon.

But it isn’t just Amazon that took them down. It’s the fact that they amassed a huge database of customer information and had no idea how to use it.

One observer put it this way:

“When I went into the store, whenever I bought something, I had to supply all of my personal data. I had to give my telephone number. I had to give my address. It was ridiculous.

“Not once did I ever receive a mailing from Radio Shack, yet they forced me to provide all this information in order to buy a five-dollar item. They had no clue as to how to use this immense database that they were assembling. I knew from that point on that the company would not survive.

“To fail to understand the most important single asset the company has is a mark of imbecilic management.”

If you don’t want to share Radio Shack’s fate, get this stuff right the first time.

Two good ways to do so:

(1) Use my 20% off coupon — 20VIP — to join Kevin Fahey’s IM VIP Training program. The guy is honest, thorough, and very generous with his time. That coupon is about to expire, as you’ll see when you click.

If you can look at this page and not salivate, my work here has been in vain:

(2) Study my video series on conversion — that is, how to get customers to do what you want (buy, join an email list, whatever).

​​​​​​​It’s a free bonus when you join Kevin’s program. Just forward me your receipt.


You want to prosper online.

You just saw a chain go down because it had no idea what it was doing.

But you will.

If Kevin’s resources and help don’t get you up and running online, then I’m stumped.

Coupon — 20VIP — expires tomorrow:

My Publisher Said: Please Write a Bestseller in Three Weeks

May 27th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

My crime: wanting to write a book on the financial crisis, showing it wasn’t caused by “capitalism.”

My sentence: a publishing deadline of three weeks from then.


But since lots of people would likely write books on the crisis, being first to market was the only way I’d be sure to get a hearing.

It was a harrowing experience. I have never been so exhausted in my life as I was sitting at that desk, trying to stay awake, plowing away at what eventually became Meltdown.

I would not wish this fate on anyone.

A much easier way to create a published product?

A workbook, or a journal. People love them, they capitalize on existing trends, they require very little writing, and I know where you can find done-for-you templates, so you can just plug in your (minimal) text.

Great for a free giveaway to get people on your mailing list, or to offer for sale as your first product.

Plus, copy and paste your receipt into my contact form and I’ll send you a quick screencast video showing you how I give away free things and sell other things — what services I use, how I set everything up, etc. That should save you some frustration.

The early-bird deal is shutting down soon, fyi, so check it out, even on a holiday weekend:

A (Successful) Newbie’s Story

May 20th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

If I were to tell you, hey, there’s this guy with five kids, living in Kansas, who created a digital product online and had mad success with it, you’d say: Woods, give us a break. We know that’s you.

Well, (1) I live in Florida now, and (2) no, it isn’t!

It’s another father of five from Kansas.

Steven Alvey is a regular guy in every conceivable way. He decided he was going to crack into the online income game whatever it took.

And when he launched his first product online, it brought in $20,000 in two weeks and gave him a beautiful buyers’ email list. (Since I’ve bought from Steven, I’m on that list, too.)

Now by typical Internet marketing standards, that’s actually a small return for a product launch, believe it or not. But for a newbie, and I’ll bet for most people reading this, it’s almost inconceivable.

I’ve had a bunch of you asking me, over at my secret email address, about creating products. It seems daunting to a lot of people.

Well, Steven actually wrote out exactly what he did, from start to finish — including his mistakes. (That’s unusual, by the way: people in this industry sometimes delight in appearing infallible.)

So if you’re curious about how a complete newbie went about creating a product, making it available for sale, and enjoying that kind of success, check out his case study while he’s still practically giving it away:

P.S. Not a fan of the cheesy video. But remember, he’s a newbie. 🙂

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