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The Mysterious Case of the Invisible Website Nobody Visited (Is This You?)

February 17th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Bad Luck Ichabod had a beautiful website he thought the world would love.

Poor Bad Luck Ichabod didn’t know basic SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”).

His content kept getting buried on page 18 of a Google search. So nobody found out about his lovely site.

Bad Luck Ichabod was sad.

Bad Luck Ichabod had to resort to paying for visitors to his website — which can get costly very quickly, and doesn’t always end well.

The best kind of website traffic is free. And a lot of it can and should come from the search engines, particularly Google.

Our new eBook and video series, SEO Mastery, shows you what to do — and what to avoid — if you’d rather not have your content wind up languishing with Bad Luck Ichabod’s, on page 57 of a Google search.

I’ll be selling it later this year for $37. I’m giving it away for free when you pick up Review Wizard (which costs considerably less than $37). Just forward me your receipt.

Review Wizard is the (1) software and (2) video training from Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas that shows you how to create a profitable review website.

Brett and Mike each run a product review website that earns each of them $30,000 per month on average.

They review a product, interview the creator, and earn commissions on sales.

As you can see, although there’s plenty of work involved, brain surgery it ain’t.

But get grabbing: the price of Review Wizard jumps after 11:59pm EST, and my bonus is going away, too:


Online Earner Exposes Himself More Than Naked Guy at Libertarian Convention

February 16th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I spoke at last year’s Libertarian National Convention.

People liked what I had to say.

Later in the convention, a guy ran naked across the stage.

I will leave it to you to decide which event generated more chatter.

Mike Thomas, better known as Mike from Maine, is the naked libertarian stage-runner of online marketing.

He lays it all out there: every single dollar he’s earned online and every single dollar he’s spent building his online business over the past six years, he has recorded in meticulous detail and published for public view.

I’m sure plenty of people would rather run naked across a Libertarian Party stage than disclose that.

But he’s even more transparent than that: he’s also revealing exactly how he and his business partner Brett Rutecky create and run their product-review websites, which are the source of their online incomes. (They earn roundabout $30,000 per month, each, running a review website.)

There are two ways to react to this impressive number.

(1) People who know about review websites are likely to say, “Yes, if you put in the work, you could make a review website earn that much.”

(2) People who have no idea what a review website is, but who are sure nobody is really earning anything online, will say, “That’s impossible.” (Note: these people who sniff at others’ online efforts are nearly always broke, I find. I don’t take earning advice from broke people.)

For those of you in group (1), Mike and Brett are sharing Review Wizard, the software Brett created to do this, plus complete video training to get you going and monetizing.

Simple business model: review a product, perhaps interview the creator, earn commissions on sales.

Not rocket science.

And it sure as heck beats most jobs out there.

Plus, forward me your receipt and I’ll send you my bonus: SEO Mastery, an eBook and video series showing you how to get your content ranked highly in Google so you’re not invisible, and how to avoid doing things Google hates and will penalize you for.

That bonus isn’t available from me anywhere else. Later in the year I’ll sell it for $37.

Tomorrow at midnight two horrifying things happen: my bonus disappears, and the price of Review Wizard goes up.

What to do now:

(1) Grab Review Wizard:


(2) There is no step 2.

The Ugly Results of Trying to Trick Google

February 16th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Trust me: you don’t want to be, um, disappeared.

The more highly your website’s content ranks in Google search results, the more people will find you through Google searches. That’s free traffic to your site — and who doesn’t want as much of that as possible?

“Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) may sound boring, but it’s pretty darn important: it’s what you can do to make sure your web content ranks as highly as possible in Google searches.

Now there are some website practices Google likes, and some it doesn’t like (and therefore penalizes). Do you know what they are?

SmallAnd there are some tricks that SEO gurus used to recommend that can now get you “disappeared” by Google. Do you know what they are?

This and more is covered in our new SEO Mastery eBook and video series. We’ll be selling this combo for $37 later this year.

Until tomorrow night, I’m giving it away as a free bonus to anyone who grabs Review Wizard through the link below. (Just copy and paste your receipt into my contact page.)

Review Wizard is the creation of the two undisputed masters of review websites, Mike Thomas and Brett Rutecky.

Every day they post about a product, sometimes make a simple video, and earn commissions on sales.

They each earn $20,000 – $30,000 per month doing this.

I know Mike’s story better than I do Brett’s, and I can tell you: Mike started from nothing. No knowledge, no websites, no email list, no contacts, nothing. But he was determined to make a go of this, so he just worked and worked.

The results speak for themselves.

Review Wizard is (1) the software Brett created to do this, plus (2) his training on how to use it and build a nice business with it.

It costs almost nothing, and I’m throwing in a $37 bonus to boot.

If only all of life’s decisions could be so easy:


Experts Keep Being Wrong — Except These Guys

February 15th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Hard to know whether to trust the “experts” sometimes.

We’re now learning that a major paper that influenced the Paris climate deal was full of misleading information.

I just read that second-hand smoke isn’t nearly as dangerous as the experts said it was.

And don’t even get me started on bacon and eggs.

I know two experts, on the other hand, who are entirely reliable. They use their expertise every single day, and it translates into dough.

They have a simple business model: (1) review a product; (2) interview the creator (much easier than you think); (3) earn commissions on sales.

In other words: not brain surgery.

Earnings from this: $20,000-$30,000 per month.

They’ve packaged everything they do into an inexpensive goodie box called Review Wizard.

Review Wizard is two things: (1) a WordPress plugin that transforms your site into a beautiful product-review site, and (2) video training on how to use it and make it into a business.

Since I’m in the know, I can tell you: they’re having an early-bird special on it, just until 2:00pm Eastern Time today.

And you get 14 days to try it out. If it’s not for you, no harm done.

But what if it is?

You’ll have to take action and find out:


P.S. For the record: not a fan of the video.

Copy This Guy

February 14th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I like to spy on people.

Well, let’s just say I like to keep an eye on other affiliate marketers. I like to see what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

So I follow a guy named Mike Thomas, better known in the marketing world as Mike from Maine.

These days Mike no longer lives in Maine; he lives in Turkey, not far from libertarian philosopher Hans Hoppe.

Every single weekday he does exactly the same thing: he interviews a product creator on YouTube, and he promotes that product on his website. He earns a commission on sales.

That’s it. That’s his entire formula.

Monthly earnings from doing this: $20,000 – $30,000.

(He earns more during months when he himself creates a product. I’m just counting what he earns with these simple promotions of other people’s products.)

His videos don’t get that many views — sometimes just 150-300. But they’re views from buyers, so they add up.

Everything he does is totally above board and not difficult to duplicate.

In fact, I bought one of Mike’s products a couple years ago, and someone asked him: why are you telling us your whole method?

His answer was brutally honest: because I know almost none of you will actually use it.

Sad but true.

He and his partner Brett Rutecky — who has an excellent reputation in the industry — are running an over-the-shoulder training tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 9:00am Eastern Time where they’ll show you how it’s done.

What Mike does is not difficult. Anyone reading this can do what he’s doing.

Reserve your seat, and see for yourself:


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