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My Almost-Karaoke on Board Ship Last Night

October 20th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

We’re continuing to have an incredible time aboard the Contra Cruise, the event I co-host with economist Bob Murphy.

Last night, after our daytime sessions and dinner, we had a private karaoke event for our people only. It was memorable, I’ll say that.

I came within inches of singing. If the ship had had Owner of a Lonely Heart, I just may have. But it didn’t.

I thought to myself: now there’s the very definition of a First World problem.

This luxurious cruise ship serving me exquisite food, and which can boast an ice skating rink, a Broadway-style production of Cats, a carousel, an AquaTheater featuring water-based acrobatics, a zipline, and a surf simulator, didn’t have the song I preferred for karaoke.

I survived.

I go out of my way to make sure my daughters grow up appreciating the miracles around them. Things like voice-to-text functionality on a smartphone are astonishing phenomena, not mere background features of life to be taken for granted.

Not surprisingly, these miracles can affect how we make a living, or a side income.

Instead of borrowing $1 million from the bank, you can open your own online store, with no need for physical inventory, for next to nothing, and with virtually no overhead.

Once you start making sales, you can use Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature to say: you see the people who have purchased from me? Find more people just like these and show them my ad.

Marketers from 20 years ago would have slit their own grandmothers’ throats for a tool like that.

This is how my listeners have been doing so well in eCommerce. Not that there isn’t work involved — there obviously is — but the technology carries a tremendous load for you, as opposed to what some poor soul with a brick-and-mortar store had to do in 1957.

For heaven’s sake, Fred Lam built an entire store in front of your eyes in a grand total of five minutes and four seconds last night.

It’s a different world. Yet so many people still make their livings as if it’s 1982.

He also delved into some different material from what he covered the first time he presented for us.

The clock is ticking, though.

If you’re thinking “Doggone it, it’s about time I got off the fence and did something,” this particular something has been life-changing for people who listen to my show.

Check out the replay, which won’t be up for long:


Anatomy of a Crappy, Crappy, Crappy eBook

October 12th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

eBook giver-awayer: “Hey, I’ve got a free eBook for you! It’s great! It’s all about X!”

normal person: “Why, that sounds great, sir! I’ll sign up for it right now!”

[two minutes later]

normal person: “What the @#$%^& is this piece of %$#@?”

We’ve all been there.

“Hey, here’s an eBook in which I speak in pointless generalities that couldn’t possibly help you!”

Not this one.

Fred Lam’s book Starting From Zero: How to Build an Online Business When You’re Starting From Nothing features a foreword by Robert Kiyosaki, who has serious credibility. And it deals very specifically with every question you might have about opening an eCommerce store, which I featured success stories from on episode 1018 of my podcast.

— Where do I get the products?
— How can I do this without holding inventory?
— How do I set up the store?
— How do I decide how to set the products’ prices?
— How do I keep my budget under $100?
— Which of the zillion available apps does my store really need to work well?
— How do I drive traffic to my store?
— Once I’m successful, how do I scale up?

It’s a miracle: an actual book.

But you’re running out of time to get it.

Sign up for our workshop that’s taking place tomorrow (Friday, October 13) and you’ll receive Fred’s book electronically, for free.



This Creepy Libertarian Makes My Skin Crawl

October 10th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Much as you might like me to, I’m not going to mention names.

Let’s just say there’s a certain libertarian out there who is really, really determined to make sure we all know he is not a racist.

Absolutely not a racist.

No way.

And you know what else?

Like 99.99999% of the American population, he’s also against fascism.

Totally. Against. Fascism.

And he needs to tell us this. All the time.

Now to be sure, fascism is an important historical topic that merits discussion.

That’s not what this is.

There’s something quite abnormal and slightly manic about it.

This is a person who is not secure in his income. So he needs to broadcast his extraordinary virtue to the world, by loudly proclaiming himself against things all decent people oppose.

“Please love me. Please keep giving me a paycheck.”

It would be awful to have so little dignity, would it not?

Best way to avoid this: build up enough of a side income that you can tell that boss to take a hike, if it should ever come to that.

My own listeners have had fantastic success with eCommerce — opening online stores and selling merchandise (without having to hold inventory), as complete newbies. I interviewed four of them for episode 1018 of the Tom Woods Show.

If you’ve been on this list waiting for just the right thing to come along, this is it.

Register for Fred Lam’s extremely informative live (and free) workshop on eCommerce for newbies and get a free copy of his step-by-step book Starting From Zero: How to Build an Online Business When You’re Starting From Nothing, featuring a foreword by Robert Kiyosaki.

I’m telling you: get your hands on that book.

It’s this way:


Reader Turns My Advice into $67K

October 5th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

And he’s not alone, either.

Just after 11:00pm last Saturday, the night of my 1000th episode event in Orlando, I was standing at my book table when a fellow who had gone on last year’s Contra Cruise — the annual cruise I co-host — introduced me to his friend, who listens to my podcast.

The friend bought a book from me, and then requested a minute of my time.

He asked if I remembered my episode on eCommerce.

Of course, I said.

He pulled out his smartphone. On the screen were the sales he’d done in the past three months.

Over $67,000.

Here’s the screenshot he showed me (I demanded he email it to me):

As you can see, virtually all of it is from last month, when his business really took off.

How’d he do it?

Six months earlier he joined an eCommerce training program I recommended. And he’s already at this level.

He sells stuff online, but doesn’t need to hold inventory.

I’ll be talking to him, along with other listeners, on my podcast tomorrow, about their life-changing eCommerce success.

They were total newbies.

Want to learn how to do this, too? Sign up for my workshop with eCommerce expert Fred Lam.

(When you sign up, he’ll also send you a free copy of his book Starting From Zero, featuring a foreword by Robert Kiyosaki.)

This is seriously life-changing.

If you’ve been on the fence and waiting for that thing that’s just right for you, give this presentation a serious look:


P.S. If you signed up after hearing Fred on my podcast last weekend, I didn’t have the page set up right, so you may want to sign up again. Sorry about that.

My Day: Taunted Officer, Got License Suspended

September 26th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I’m writing to you from an Uber car.


My license was confiscated Sunday night.

As I was leaving our development and heading onto the main road, I noticed a police car that had just taken up its position to stop speeders. My Valentine One radar detector was going crazy. As I drove by, I said so my companion could hear, “Not today, copper! You’ll have to try harder than that!”

The policeman obviously couldn’t hear me. But yet, even though I wasn’t speeding, he started chasing me, and pulled me over.

What the heck?

I had made a “rolling stop” on my way out of our development.

OK, I get that’s not allowed. But from that vantage point, you can see for at least a quarter of a mile. There were no cars at all. Unless some new model of car that can travel 500 miles per hour has come onto the market, there was zero chance of any danger.

Back to the story: the policeman gave me good news and bad news.

Good news: I wasn’t being written up for the stop sign matter.

Bad news: my license was suspended.


Evidently I hadn’t paid a ticket from some time ago (before I had the Valentine One). I could swear I had. So he confiscated my license.

(UPDATE: Apparently I did pay it, but late, so a late fee had accrued that I hadn’t known about.)

And now I’m on my way to the courthouse to take care of it, and then to the DMV to get a whole new license.

A solid half day wasted.

Know what won’t be wasted? The time you spend with Michael Cheney and me tomorrow as we review the affiliate method I used (a method you’ve probably seen me use!) to rake in a mind-blowing $25,818.74 after a week’s part-time work.

That can’t be, Woods!

Oh, but it can.

(Actually, that’s chump change for people in this industry, but to me it’s downright amazing.)

And yes, I’m well aware I sound like one of those old late-night infomercials. Except this actually happened to me (and a few of you have actually observed it happening in real time).

Even better: I’m donating $5 to Antiwar.com for every live attendee.

So ignore that stop sign entirely and zoom on over to the link to register:


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