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Fauci: How and When the Pandemic Will Be Over

October 5th, 2020   |   By Tom Woods

If ever the expression “get bent” were called for, it’s now.

Apparently Dr. Fauci is now saying: if we all get vaccinated, the crisis might be over by 2022.

Meanwhile, a group of top scientists just signed something called the Great Barrington Declaration, which calls for lockdowns to be ended and everything — education, business, culture, music, and the arts — to resume.

We can hope that it gains traction and that sensible people start to outnumber crazed, anti-life people.

But we can’t be sure.

Hence my broken-record refrain:

Be ready for whatever the lunatics may have in store, and that includes how you generate income. By now my badgering about creating a side business seems a lot more important and relevant, does it not?

This is why I strongly urge you to watch one of the experts walk you through print on demand, a low-intensity, even fun kind of side business.

And in this particular case, since the expert in question, Don Wilson, happens to be the CEO of a print-on-demand platform, he has a particular interest in seeing you succeed. In case it isn’t obvious: if you don’t sell anything, then his company fails.

So the chances are pretty good that he’ll be giving you the inside scoop.

Go sign up to watch (costs nothing):


My Vacation Among the Lizard People

October 4th, 2020   |   By Tom Woods

All right, I can’t prove that we’re ruled by lizard people, but if we were…

…how would we be able to tell the difference?

I am contemplating such questions after just having spent some time in Jackson, Wyoming (I could explain the distinction between Jackson and Jackson Hole, but it doesn’t really matter). This is a place where plenty of the elites come to vacation or have a second home. (Recall James A. Baker III receiving foreign dignitaries at Jackson Hole.)

Then this coming weekend I’ll be at a conference on Jekyll Island, Georgia, where the elites gathered over 100 years ago to draft what would become the legislation creating the Federal Reserve System.

You have to hand it to the lizard people: they know how to choose beautiful places for plotting their schemes.

Another thing about the lizard people: they don’t seem terribly bothered by lockdowns. In fact, that’s one thing most of them can agree on.

Partly it’s that they enjoy lording it over others, and partly it’s that they themselves can generally “work from home,” so they’re not terribly inconvenienced by the lockdown voodoo.

Not everybody has that luxury.

My daughter Veronica just opened her own Etsy store, which no Osceola County bureaucrat can shut down and no “peaceful protester” can set on fire.

Opening the kind of store Veronica just did, where she actually makes the merchandise herself, is more involved and difficult than what I’m recommending you do, but the overall concept of an online, unshutdownable store isn’t much different.

Veronica is 15, and she did this with no prompting from me.

Is she not better prepared for an unknown future by having done this, not to mention getting to learn all the things the experience will teach her?

The same is true for you, dear reader, and/or your own children.

A click on this link is sand thrown in the face of the lizard people:


What to Do When Everyone Is Panicked

March 28th, 2020   |   By Tom Woods

I realize that even talking about money right now is supposed to mean you want your grandmother to die, but I am proceeding all the same.

When the you-know-what hits the fan, people panic.

As they are right now.

Massive layoffs, government and central bank interventions without precedent, no clear date as to when normal life can be resumed — everything is up in the air.

What will happen to the dollar after interventions on a scale like this?

So people are panicking, and selling, but is cash a safe place right now?

Who the heck knows what to think or do.

All of us with a little financial ambition — which is why you’re on this journey with me, after all — are concerned, and want to know what the best approach is.

That’s why I recommend signing up for the forthcoming Crisis Investing docu-series. These are the same people who created the Money Revealed documentary (the one that featured Whole Foods CEO John Mackey and Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki) we all loved.

If you sign up in advance, you can watch all nine episodes for free.

We’re going to be fine as long as we keep our eye on the ball.

Here’s the ball:


I Did Not Urinate on Your Chicken

January 27th, 2020   |   By Tom Woods

I hate the way much of the public treats the people who serve them.

Yesterday I was at KFC. (Necessary instruction to socially awkward libertarians: do not lecture me about the evils of fast food; this misses the point of my story completely.) The poor cashier was running around like a madman, with one person after another demanding this or that, and half of them not even fully understanding what they had ordered.

In my case, my order got mixed up with someone else’s, so I placed it on the counter and asked if I could please have the correct one.

The cashier told an older man waiting for his food that this was actually his order.

The man’s response was to bellow: “Oh, no it isn’t! That was already given out! I want a fresh one!”

Now to some extent, fair enough. (Although I recall being in a restaurant in Spain, seeing the waiter take uneaten bread from one table and place it on another, and nobody batting an eye.)

But this guy was just downright nasty. Would it have killed him to say, “I would prefer a freshly prepared one, please”?

An any rate, the man turned to me and said, “No offense to you, but you see my point!”

I replied, “I did not urinate on it, I assure you.”

For some reason, that was immensely satisfying.


Dealing face-to-face with an unjustifiably angry public day after day has to beat anyone down. That’s one reason I don’t do it.

The beauty of what we’re teaching in our webinar tomorrow is that your eCommerce store is run from the comfort of your laptop, and without having to deal with nasty people in your face.

You’ve heard our teacher, Aidan Booth, twice on the Tom Woods Show. He’s been responsible for a boatload of success stories among my listeners who’d like to build something on the side or perhaps even escape a life of angry chicken buyers.

Just for showing up and watching the whole presentation, I’m giving away my $97 product for $0, and handing out cash prizes to 20 random people.

Go sign up now, and I’ll see you there:

Check Out This Jackass

January 25th, 2020   |   By Tom Woods

Michael Boldin, founder of the Tenth Amendment Center, was the very first guest on the Tom Woods Show. We’re talking episode number one.

Today he shared some feedback he received from a reader. I’ve used asterisks over the foul language, and kept all the punctuation errors.

Get this:

“Have you heard of this newfangled invention called POWERPOINT. ****WITS! You spaced out the statements too far apart. I cant scroll through your click bait to find your message. Too much swirling graphics NOT SEXY. NOT IMPRESSED. UNSUBSCRIBED. (The funny thing here is, is that I actually support U and & ur cause…. Just can’t get past your sh**ty moronic way of communicating… ****TARD!”

Imagine being displeased with someone’s presentation style and responding like that. This is not a normal person.

Thankfully, I’m not in a business where I have to bend over backwards to appease people like this (and neither is Michael). I can just tell them to go jump in a lake.

And so can you.

Emails and blog posts from me come and go, but if you’ve been waiting for the soup-to-nuts, explain-every-step-to-me eCommerce system of the sort my listeners have prospered with over the years — and taught by Aidan Booth, the same person who taught them — well, your ship has just come in.

What could be a cooler side hustle than “I run this online store”? For one thing, your friends will think you’re some kind of wizard: who the heck knows how to run an online store?

For another, you don’t have any overhead or inventory with an eCommerce store, so it’s much easier than opening a corner shop somewhere.

Sign up for the live workshop Aidan is doing with me, and I’m throwing in some mighty fine bonuses just for showing up:

(1) My Tom Woods Email Domination Program, which teaches how to build and monetize an email list, and which normally sells for $97, is yours for $0 just for showing up and staying for the presentation;

(2) I’m giving $100 prizes to each of 20 random attendees;

(3) If we hit 500 live attendees I’ll be making a $5K donation to Antiwar-dot-com, a very worthy cause.

What NOT to do now:
Click the link and then leave without signing up.

What to do now:
Click the link and sign up, and I’ll see you there:

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