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Nigerian to Woods: Cough Up My $66,000

November 18th, 2019   |   By Tom Woods

So maybe you’ve had the widow of a Nigerian prince offer to send you dough.

I’ve had a Nigerian demand more than $60,000 from me. No joke.

Back before I offered 50% commissions at Liberty Classroom I offered a flat $30. If someone joined through your link, I sent you $30.

Well, this Nigerian wrote and said: please send me my $66,000.


He had sent 2200 clicks to Liberty Classroom. He multiplied that by $30 to arrive at his figure.

Dear reader, how many sales do you think his 2200 clicks translated into?

Zero, of course.

The clicks were all crap, from a click factory.

I explained to him that clicks alone earn him nothing. It’s sales that count. Did he know how to promote a product like this?

I never heard from him again.

That guy was clueless.

Now it’s true: if you’re not clueless, there are opportunities galore to make a living — or at least a nice side hustle — with your laptop and an Internet connection.

How to be not clueless?

Learn from people who know what the %$@&# they’re talking about.

Michael Cheney and I know what we’re talking about. We have nearly 30 years of combined experience, and we have the receipts to prove that we ain’t no novices.

So we created a nice, inexpensive training program for all you folks who dream of telling your boss to take this job and shove it.

We’re more than doubling the price at midnight Eastern, though, so now’s the time:


I Gave Away a Car. Here Are the Results

September 17th, 2019   |   By Tom Woods

In 2017 I held an affiliate contest: whoever brought in the most sales of Liberty Classroom, my subscription site, through his link over the course of Black Friday weekend would win a brand new car: a 2017 Kia Soul.

For people in the next nine slots I gave away $5000 in cash prizes – in addition to the 50% commissions I paid.

Why did I do this?

First because, come on, I looked like Joe Cool.

Giving away a car, for heaven’s sake? That’s sweet. Ain’t no other libertarian giving you a car.

But more to the point, I figured: if I give away prizes, people will try harder to promote their affiliate link so they can make sales and win a prize.

The site grossed about $143,000 that weekend. So yes, I’d say the prizes worked.

So here’s my thought right now:

If giving away prizes made people work harder to promote my product, what if instead of prizes I just gave away all the money?

You make a sale, you keep 100% of the dough, for a full year.

I’ve even made a video showing you how to do it.

Sound good?

Well, duh.

This is obviously the best bonus I have ever offered, and it’s likely to be the best bonus I will ever offer.

I honestly don’t have anything better than this.

Join Gerry Cramer’s affiliate training program, and this bonus (plus two others almost as good) are yours.

You will go mad if you don’t at least click, and you don’t want that to happen, so:


Meet Your New Enemies

September 16th, 2019   |   By Tom Woods

You know the advantages of affiliate marketing:

— no 9-to-5 grind;
— no product creation;
— no customer service;
— no inventory;
— no shipping;
— can work from anywhere;
— can work whatever hours suit you;
— and so on.

Here’s the disadvantage:

Some people will resent you.

This is unavoidable.

If you aren’t slaving away at a traditional 9-to-5 job, and you’re having success in a more pleasant if unorthodox way, some people won’t be able to compute what you’re doing, and they may even think you’re cheating somehow.

If they have to slave away, so should you.

How dare you break from what everyone else is doing?

You will find that you won’t even be able to discuss the subject with some of the people you know. There will be veiled hostility, and awkwardness, the whole time. You think I’m joking. I’m not. It’s weird.

But you know what? This disadvantage of affiliate marketing doesn’t matter to me at all.

If it helps me smoke out the losers, all the better.

I don’t want to spend time with people like this.

I’d rather spend it with people like you, dear reader, who actually want to make a change in your life, instead of pretending, with these people, that staying in a grind you hate is some kind of virtue.

Gerry Cramer’s program is about to close.

He is the world’s number-one affiliate marketer, and he’s managed to get his students into eight of the top ten slots – out of 100,000 affiliates – on the world’s greatest affiliate network.

Think that guy might know something you don’t?

And if you do, I’m offering you the best bonuses I’ve ever offered:

(1) For one year, 100% commissions on my Liberty Classroom subscription site. Someone clicks on your link and joins, and you get 100% of the money.

(2) An exclusive ask-me-anything session, just for people who join.

(3) Once you’ve chosen a product to promote (Gerry will help you), I’ll promote it to my audience to get you traffic and sales.

You’re smart enough to see how valuable those are.

Now go make the time to watch this presentation, and screw those envious bastards:


My Savage Burn of Bob Murphy

July 7th, 2019   |   By Tom Woods

I may not be as quick or as clever as masters like Michael Malice or economist Bob Murphy, but the old man occasionally gets a good one in.

In promoting this year’s Contra Cruise (the vacation Bob and I host for our listeners), Bob posted on Facebook a link about Alaska, our destination, and the embedded photo showed a whale leaping out of the water.

Bob’s accompanying text ended with the words, “The whale has not yet been confirmed to speak.”

To which I replied:

“Bob, I thought it was certain you were going to speak.”


A month later, a mysterious package arrived.

An anonymous person had sent me a beautiful sweatshirt with our design on it, and the words, “I came to hear the whale speak.”

I am wearing it as I type this.

How’d he do it? Is he some amazing designer with a sweatshirt factory in his home?

He used print on demand.

It’s a fun business to start, and requires basically no up-front investment. (Hence “print-on-demand.”)

I’m making you a deal:

I’ll promote your product, or your full-blown print-on-demand store, to my audience.

Think that’s a valuable bonus? (Duh.)

But she’s disappearing, so go:


Libertarians I’ve Enriched — and I Don’t Mean With My Brilliant Ideas

June 20th, 2019   |   By Tom Woods

Every Black Friday weekend I make many libertarians very happy.
I drop the top membership level at my Liberty Classroom website from $497 to $297, and they get 50% of the dough ($148.50) every time someone orders through them.
I have libertarians who make thousands of smackers that weekend just for making a few social media posts.
Here’s my offer to you:
Instead of 50%, you’ll earn 100% commissions on your first five sales. So instead of $148.50 x 5, you’ll get $297 x 5.
That comes out to an extra $742.50.
That’s the eighth bonus I’m offering you with an $18 product.
I’ll be coming to my senses pretty soon, so secure this for yourself now:
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