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Posted by: By Tom Woods | January 25, 2020

Michael Boldin, founder of the Tenth Amendment Center, was the very first guest on the Tom Woods Show. We’re talking episode number one.

Today he shared some feedback he received from a reader. I’ve used asterisks over the foul language, and kept all the punctuation errors.

Get this:

“Have you heard of this newfangled invention called POWERPOINT. ****WITS! You spaced out the statements too far apart. I cant scroll through your click bait to find your message. Too much swirling graphics NOT SEXY. NOT IMPRESSED. UNSUBSCRIBED. (The funny thing here is, is that I actually support U and & ur cause…. Just can’t get past your sh**ty moronic way of communicating… ****TARD!”

Imagine being displeased with someone’s presentation style and responding like that. This is not a normal person.

Thankfully, I’m not in a business where I have to bend over backwards to appease people like this (and neither is Michael). I can just tell them to go jump in a lake.

And so can you.

Emails and blog posts from me come and go, but if you’ve been waiting for the soup-to-nuts, explain-every-step-to-me eCommerce system of the sort my listeners have prospered with over the years — and taught by Aidan Booth, the same person who taught them — well, your ship has just come in.

What could be a cooler side hustle than “I run this online store”? For one thing, your friends will think you’re some kind of wizard: who the heck knows how to run an online store?

For another, you don’t have any overhead or inventory with an eCommerce store, so it’s much easier than opening a corner shop somewhere.

Sign up for the live workshop Aidan is doing with me, and I’m throwing in some mighty fine bonuses just for showing up:

(1) My Tom Woods Email Domination Program, which teaches how to build and monetize an email list, and which normally sells for $97, is yours for $0 just for showing up and staying for the presentation;

(2) I’m giving $100 prizes to each of 20 random attendees;

(3) If we hit 500 live attendees I’ll be making a $5K donation to Antiwar-dot-com, a very worthy cause.

What NOT to do now:
Click the link and then leave without signing up.

What to do now:
Click the link and sign up, and I’ll see you there:


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