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Time to Line Up Your Exit Plan, Before Everything Blows Up

Posted by: By Tom Woods | May 10, 2018

You and I are watching the unfolding of some pretty scary economic and social developments in the Western world. It’s demoralizing, even terrifying.

You’re probably feeling a lot of uncertainty.

Maybe you’re worried that SJWs at work could make your life miserable, or even get you fired.

Or you’re concerned about what the next Fed-fueled recession could bring.

Or worried that automation could threaten your job.

Do not wait until these things happen to formulate your exit plan. Make it your spare-time project right now: creating an online side hustle that one day you could step into as your main gig.

If I understand you right, your major question for me isn’t “Which WordPress plugins are the most important?” or “How do I integrate my autoresponder with my eCommerce store?”

It’s “What the heck do I do, and where do I start?”

Well, I have the answer.

It’s not without work, and it’s not “get rich quick.” It does involve effort, particularly at the start. But the idea is to create something that, thanks to the Internet, can someday run more or less on its own.

That’s true of most of the projects that support my family and me right now. I paid my dues at the beginning, and now they run without much direct intervention by me at all.

So no, that’s not a fake promise. That’s the whole point of all this.

You know I’m right when I tell you that putting this project off is a bad decision.

Learn as much as you can as soon as you can.

From where?


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