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The Four Horsemen of Online Earning

Posted by: By Tom Woods | June 25, 2017

Suppose someone said:

“I can speak 15 languages. I’m fluent!”

But the person never spoke those languages in front of you, and refused whenever you asked.

You might start to wonder.

I’m the same way: when I see people say, “I earn $X!” I want proof.

Yesterday I gave you my favorite example of proof.

I was in a sales contest, which had three prizes: $20,000 for the person who brought in the most leads, $50,000 for the person who made the most sales, and $50,000 for the person who made the most sales in the last 36 hours.

Mark Ling beat everyone, and won all three contests. That’s $120K in prizes in two weeks — and that’s not to mention the commissions he earned, which must have been at least $400K more.

So yeah, Mark earns a lot, and he really does know how to do this stuff.

He spent some time with us a couple of days ago, discussing the main models people use to earn a living, or a side income, online. He covered things like this:

(1) Niches. What are some of the best online niches, with plenty of products to promote that pay good commissions?

(2) Traffic. How do you get eyeballs on what you have to offer? This is the single biggest hurdle people face. Mark gives away a bunch of ideas, but idea #1 is the best — and the one almost no beginner ever thinks of.

(3) His email strategy. Totally different from mine, so it may be worth seeing a different perspective. He used his style to beat the daylights out of me in that contest I mentioned, so there’s that….

(4) The quickest products to create. You think you can’t create a product to sell online? Not only can you, but Mark tells you the exact kind to produce — quick, costlessly reproducible, and idiot-proof. You can make this product in one day. No joke.

Warning: he makes you an offer at the end (oooh!). Whether you take Mark’s offer or not, his presentation gives you an excellent overview of what a master of online business does, and it should get you thinking in productive and creative ways.

He’s taking it down pretty darn soon, though:

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