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The Embarrassing Things I Did to Earn Money in College

Posted by: By Tom Woods | March 18, 2017

If you’re a longtime reader, you already know I literally cleaned bathrooms during my freshman year.

Then, years later (1993), my friends played probably the best and most elaborate practical joke on me I’ve ever heard of. I’ll spare you the details except to say it involved a fake experiment in the college psychology department, a urine sample, and $15.

I told a friend at the Mises Institute that I’d fallen for this trick because I’d wanted the $15 that was advertised. He responded: why are you wasting your time for $15, when you could write a quick article and earn $150?

I’m not kidding: that was literally the beginning of my writing career. My first-ever article was published in 1993.

I just needed someone to point out the obvious to me.

Let me be that guy for you.

The other night I got some of the best feedback I’ve ever seen for any of the live presentations I’ve arranged for my readers.

Rachel Rofe is an expert at using print-on-demand services, coupled with sites like Amazon, to sell simple but in-demand items (like coffee mugs with funny sayings that appeal to particular niches). No design skills necessary — or believe me, I wouldn’t be promoting it.

Here’s the replay of that webinar:

Someone wrote to say:

“That was the BEST webinar for this type of stuff that you’re always promoting. I’ve seen many of the others but she was awesome and unbelievably useful!!! I was up for hours last night creating products and marketing ideas on gearbubble, etc…. Thanks to you and her for the webinar!”

Real testimony from a real person.
If you hate it, no harm done. But you won’t. You’ll say: Woods, maybe there’s something to this Internet thing after all — and this actually seems fun.

The replay comes down tomorrow. Even though it’s free, it’s highly valuable info. You are going to be impressed.

Make the time to watch before it’s gone forever:

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