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The Associated Press Smears Me, I Hit Back

Posted by: By Tom Woods | April 25, 2017

I was giving a lecture at a university in Wisconsin when I got the news: the AP was out with a hit piece on me, inspired by the Democratic Party of Idaho.

It was 2010. My book Nullification had come out that year. It called on states to take Thomas Jefferson’s advice and refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws.

After speaking to a packed auditorium (450+) at Boise State University the previous night, I had a private breakfast with the governor of Idaho to discuss the idea. He had read the book, as had key people in the state legislature.

The book became such a sensation in the Idaho government, in fact, that ABC News even did a segment on it.

Then the Associated Press came after me.

You can imagine the things they say about somebody who thinks the states have a role to play in determining constitutionality. The usual career-destroying smears.

I knew instinctively that a blog post wouldn’t be enough to defend myself. When I got back home I’d have to get on camera.

The trouble was, I knew zero about making videos.

So if you watch the first video that I made myself on my YouTube channel, you’ll see it’s a mess: the lighting is wrong, it’s pixelated, awful.

Bad video is slightly better than no video, but ugh.

For months afterward, I struggled to get the lighting right. The lighting is all over the place in my early videos.

A professional-looking video gives you instant credibility. A lousy one does the opposite.

And man, can it bring in traffic: I got maybe 12,000-15,000 downloads of my eBook on Bernie Sanders, but over 56,000 views of a short, simple video about him.

And Facebook loves video.

But it’s scary, it seems impossible, and you don’t know where to begin. Yet at some point you will have to figure this out. It WILL generate more traffic for you, and that means more dough — sometimes a lot more.

Don’t wait until the AP is dragging your name through the mud all over the country.

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