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Stupid Things People Say When You Have Lots of Kids

Posted by: By Tom Woods | April 01, 2017

We have five daughters and man, have we heard it all.

“Hey, you do know what causes that, right?”

“You sure have your hands full! I can barely handle two!”

“Man, I feel for you!”

“Wow, good luck, man. You’re going to need it.”

(Bear in mind that these things, which make them sound like burdens, are being said right in front of them.)

I’ve developed some snappy answers to these. Maybe I’ll share them in another email.

My daughters have enriched my life beyond words, and the world is a much better place with them in it.

So to people who think they could have lived my life better than I have, particularly when it comes to my family size, it’s my turn to give some advice: go jump in a #%@& lake. 🙂

Same goes for unsolicited advice about my business.

It almost always comes from people who know nothing about it, and their advice would cut my income in half, if not more. Like people who lecture me on how many kids I have, they’re sure they’re helping, but believe me, they’re really not.

Trust me, there’s always a method behind what I’m doing.

I’m absolutely crushing it in the affiliate marketing world right now, and it’s not because I have a huge email list, because I don’t.

It’s because I really do know what I’m doing.

I’m doing _exactly_ what Michael Cheney — one of the top affiliates in the whole world — teaches in his program The Commission Machine. I own it myself, because I own all of Michael’s products.

Cheney earns seven figures in commissions every year selling other people’s stuff. He’s #$%@& good at it (I’m enjoying using those symbols).

In The Commission Machine, he takes you from how to find products that (1) sell well and (2) pay you well, all the way to advanced tactics that actually make people eager to buy through you.

The affiliate marketing world is an insane place with almost mind-boggling dough to be made. People who know nothing about it are left speechless when they first discover it.

So I decided to jump in. And man, the water’s beautiful.

You may not like Michael’s pitch style on this: “Earn $X per day,” or “learn my secret method.” That’s only because you may be unfamiliar with Michael, who in fact earns much more than $X per day, and he sure does have a secret method, which he does in fact teach you.

I’m using it right now. 🙂

With the price (a mere 20 smackers, which is a steal) on the verge of more than doubling, now’s the time:

P.S. And I’m throwing in bonuses, too: (1) my Email List Building Explained eBook and video course (you don’t need an email list for Michael’s method, but it doesn’t hurt), and (2) Internet Marketing for Newbies, a great video series that will help get you situated in this glorious new world you’re entering. You’ll find them inside the JVZoo members area.

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