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No Joking About Cancer

Posted by: By Tom Woods | February 08, 2018

Unless you’re a marketing veteran, you’ve never heard of Mark Hendricks.

But people who have say: the guy was a true gem.

He devoted his life to helping others start and then succeed in business — mainly online business.

He created an avalanche of information products that people swore by.

Last year, Mark died of cancer.

His estate is selling his products to raise funds for remaining expenses.

But they’re not just selling his products — they’re selling you the right to sell his products and keep the profits. In other words, you can have an instant business, and help a good cause at the same time.

I myself picked it up, along with the upgrade. They don’t get much more obvious than this one.

It’s being taken down before you know it, so have a look (via my “anti-fireside chat”):

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