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New Year's Resolutions Are for Losers

Posted by: By Tom Woods | January 02, 2017

Look, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself. Any person worthy of the name does so until the day he’s six feet under.

But there’s no reason to wait for some magical day to launch the new you. Just start already.

I wonder if that’s why so few New Year’s resolutions survive past January — they derive from an inauspicious “Honest, I’ll really get started on this magical day” mentality.

Now: it’s not a resolution, but a lesson I’m going to start teaching more consistently to my kids: serving others is how you get ahead.

They’re growing up in a society in which “capitalism” is a smear word. But who gets rich under pure laissez-faire? Someone who offers people what they need, at a quality and price level that pleases them.

That’s how I want my children to think. How can I best serve my fellow man?

As you know, Regina (my 13-year-old) and I are going to start designing websites for the zillions of businesses in our area who don’t have one, and who are therefore invisible to an entire generation.

I told Regina: you can be a burger flipper and be expendable, and earn $7.25 an hour, or you can show some initiative in the way you serve others. This side business is precisely how I’m going to teach her this lesson.

She’ll be providing local business owners with something they need, and something that will make them better off.

In so doing, she’ll make herself better off.

So elegant and simple, yet it’s a lesson our schools are too busy teaching soft Marxism to impart.

And yes, there’s a very easy way to do this, with customizable templates for businesses across scores of niches.

(That’s all a local business needs, by the way; anyone trying to sell them more doesn’t get it.)

We’ll show you how to create your own side business this way in our workshop this Thursday.

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