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It Felt Awesome Crushing That 10-Year-Old in a Chess Tournament

Posted by: By Tom Woods | June 30, 2017

I made every move with patience and care.

He made his moves the very instant after I played mine.

As I thought about my next move, he would wander around the tournament room watching other people’s games.

Nice kid.

I’m not letting some 10-year-old rattle me, I thought. I’m going to play as methodically as I always do, and I won’t be thrown by contemptuous behavior.

Little by little, I started gaining advantages.

By around move 15, he stopped wandering around.

He began to take more time on his moves.

By move 25, it was all over. I had completely crushed him.

Woods, you beat a 10-year-old?

You’re darn right. Some of these kids are incredible prodigies, so you have to play them like adults.

More to the point: this arrogant kid needed to get beaten, to jolt him out of his unhealthy and unwarranted superiority complex.

In chess I would describe myself as a very strong amateur. I’ll blow any casual player off the board, but a grandmaster would crush me like a bug.

When it comes to affiliate marketing — my favorite (and I think the easiest) way to prosper online — I’m more or less the same: I can outperform average folks, but the killer “super affiliates” crush me.

One of those super affiliates (who has indeed crushed me in the past) is Mark Ling. You are going to want to watch his presentation, which I hosted, on how to be a successful affiliate.

In the presentation I even give away the name of a specific product I’ve promoted as an affiliate — to the tune of $17,275.02 in my pocket — and I show you how to get started earning commissions on it yourself.

It costs you nothing to become an affiliate of that product. Everyone reading this should do so. No excuses. Time to stop theorizing about capitalism and start actually doing it. This is an excellent product that sells well, you’ve probably heard me promote it, and some of you have even bought it!

We discussed a lot more about affiliate stuff, including excellent niches where you can find a lot of products you can earn commissions from.

You’ll want to write this stuff down.

Especially because you have only until midnight to watch it before it’s taken down:

Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, which means I earn a commission if you click on them and buy something. This helps me keep the lights on around here. Naturally, I don't recommend a product unless I have used and benefited from it myself, or I have researched it enough to determine it to be of good quality and likely to benefit my readers. I don't promote anything created by the swamp dwellers. Thanks for reading!

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