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I'm VP of a Fortune 500 Company, and I Hate My Life

Posted by: By Tom Woods | January 18, 2018

I’ll bet a lot of less wealthy people think: man, that guy works for a Fortune 500 company. He’s living the dream!

Well, not always.

“I was so, so miserable,” recalls Steve Clayton, former VP of LabCorp. “After five years of being vice president of a Fortune 500 company, I just said, ‘I need to be happy. It’s not enough just to make money. I’ve got to find a way to have some happiness and some freedom, and to be able to travel, and all that good stuff.'”

Leaving the security of that job was scary, he said. “I was supporting two kids, and my wife hadn’t worked since the kids arrived.”

But his father asked him: is that security real? Which is really more risky? Working for a faceless corporation, where your fate is decided in some boardroom somewhere, or working for yourself?

So Steve made the decision to go out on his own.

He says, “I didn’t realize how incredibly miserable I was until I quit, and didn’t have to do it anymore.”

He went on to be even more successful in eCommerce, to the point that he’s now laid out arguably the most newbie-friendly online business model out there.

Steve has an excellent reputation as an eCommerce specialist and a teacher.

If you’re looking to make a change, or at least build in some insurance against the unforeseen, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you sign up for Steve’s presentation. Steve will run you through a newbie-friendly approach to eCommerce that doesn’t require a website, or handling merchandise, or even the need to drive traffic.

Sure beats digging ditches.

I’ll be there, too, because if you decide to do this, we’ll do it together.

Reserve your seat:

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