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I Have My Own Personal Irishman

Posted by: By Tom Woods | June 22, 2018

What do I do when I’m stumped on something in my various online ventures?

I ask Kevin Fahey, whose private Facebook group alone is worth the price of his indispensable IM VIP Training membership (for which he’s offering a $1 trial this week, which you should certainly take him up on).

First off, I’m a paid member, and splurged for the lifetime membership:

A lot of people come to me with questions, but when I myself have a question, I go to Kevin.

Your questions probably won’t be as technical as mine, but I include a few of mine to show just how broad Kevin’s knowledge is, and how he regularly participates in his private Facebook group:

Kevin wound up making me a screenshot video to show me what to do (this is from Skype):

He’s a good guy, period.

Again, for just a few days he’s offering a $1 trial for his flagship program, IM VIP Training, where I’m a lifetime member. The members’ area is massive, teaches anything you could possibly dream of learning about generating an online income (the strategy as well as the nitty-gritty technical aspects). And it includes Kevin’s special Facebook group as a bonus.

This saves you days, weeks, months, even years of frustration and failure that going it alone often amounts to.

No more fruitlessly staring at your screen, or dealing with $0 paydays day in and day out with no idea what to do next.

Come on now: Kevin’s Irish accent alone is worth the $1:

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