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Guess Who Was Just Nominated to Head the IRS

Posted by: By Tom Woods | February 13, 2018

You almost certainly don’t know his name. But I have to admit, it’s a hilarious nomination.

It’s a guy who has spent his life defending embattled taxpayers against the IRS. He’s even helped people with offshore accounts and the like.

His name is Charles Rettig.

I loved the New York Times headline: “To Lead IRS, Trump Nominates Lawyer Who Battled It.”

The Young Turks put it this way: “Trump IRS Nominee Built Career Helping the Rich Avoid Taxes.”

(Of course, “the rich” for The Young Turks is anyone wealthy enough to actually owe income taxes.)

Now you and I know there shouldn’t be an IRS at all. But if I absolutely had to appoint a director, it would be precisely this kind of person.

Meanwhile, the IRS couldn’t seize wealth in the first place if productive people hadn’t created it.

Mark Hendricks, the Internet marketing expert who succumbed to cancer last year, was the opposite of the IRS: he built up rather than tore down; he created value rather than seizing the creations of others.

His estate is having a major sale on his body of information products, which have helped thousands of people make online livings.

They’re even letting you sell his products and keep all the profits.

So you’re aiding a good cause by helping out Mark’s family, and also helping yourself.

You can just keep the products and learn from them, thereby carrying on Mark’s legacy, or you can have an instant business of your own, selling Mark’s excellent material to others.

Sell just one thing and make back your whole investment.

The estate is withdrawing this offer tomorrow, though.

I’ve even added some bonuses:

The thing to get, to get my bonuses:

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