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Extreme Couponers Are Chumps

Posted by: By Tom Woods | June 30, 2017

You know those extreme couponers — they clip coupons for a full-time living, and they get practically their entire grocery order for free.

What most people do only casually, they do strategically and deliberately. So instead of getting 5 cents off a box of Cream of Wheat, they pay 3 cents for an entire cart of food.

Problem: you spend 40 hours a week collecting coupons, and you get a $500-$600 return.


Being what’s known in the industry as a “super affiliate” is analogous to being an extreme couponer. What others do casually, you’ve got down to a science.

(As an affiliate, you earn commissions on other people’s products when people order them through your link.)

Typical affiliates sit and wait for people to come and click on their links, and are happy to earn their $40 monthly commission.

You, as a super affiliate, know where to find people, how to interest them in the offer, how to make that offer irresistible, and how to get people to click and buy.

A super affiliate, by definition, is someone who earns at least five figures per month as an affiliate.

Mark Ling, who’s been at this for 18 years, earns 6 or sometimes 7 figures per month.

In the video we did together, he takes us on a trip through cyberspace to show us the different things he’s doing to have that kind of success. (It turns out Mark is the founder of Rocket Languages, a program I’ve promoted for years!)

That video comes down at midnight PST — just hours from now. And Mark’s extremely systematic teaching program, which gets started next week, also closes down.

Curious to pull back the curtain on this crazy and fascinating world?


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