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How to Build an Audience That Will Buy From You

Posted by: By Tom Woods | April 19, 2018

Here’s one of the most valuable emails I’ve written in 2018. Do this, and you’ll see results.

Let me deal with this: “Woods, you have an audience. Of course you make sales. How could I expect to make sales and/or earn affiliate commissions?”

Here’s how:

If your niche is dogs, join Facebook groups about dogs, add value to the conversations, and then find out who the really engaged folks are. Add them as friends.

You now have a targeted audience to whom you can pitch things and earn commissions. (How to pitch non-obnoxiously? See the webinar replay below.)

Marketers in decades past would have slit throats to do what you can start doing this very afternoon.

Do something similar on Twitter. Find leaders in your niche, and see who’s most engaged with them. Follow and interact with those people, and build up a Twitter following that will be interested in what you have to offer.

There’s nobody who can’t do this.

We talked about this in yesterday’s webinar.

We also talked about how I’m earning commissions on __products I’m not even promoting__.

As I left the Soho Forum last week, where I watched Bob Murphy debate fractional-reserve banking, I got a phone notification telling me I’d just earned a $1000 commission on a product that was not part of any blog post, email campaign, podcast advertisement, or anything else I’d been doing at the time.

How does something like that happen?

I’ve got a replay of the presentation in which we discussed it — but as with all these replays, it’s up for an extremely brief window of time.

While the rest of America keeps on as if it’s 1957, here’s what’s possible in 2018:

Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, which means I earn a commission if you click on them and buy something. This helps me keep the lights on around here. Naturally, I don't recommend a product unless I have used and benefited from it myself, or I have researched it enough to determine it to be of good quality and likely to benefit my readers. I don't promote anything created by the swamp dwellers. Thanks for reading!

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