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This Is Better Than That Time I Hit a Girl

Posted by: By Tom Woods | June 05, 2018

When I was six, there was a girl two years older than I was who kept stealing my toys.

One day, she rode off with my Big Wheel.

Let me tell you: I had had it.

Remember the Big Wheel? It had a removable seat.

I chased her down, pulled the seat out, and smashed her over the head with it.

That sure quieted down her little witch cackle.

Now I’m not hitting you over the head with a Big Wheel seat. But I am giving you a gentle smack across the face (for your own good!).

Chances are good that you have little or no audience right now.

You’re not sure you can make any of this work.

This post is that smack across the face.

Yesterday’s email showed you how to make affiliate marketing work even without a massive following.

Today I want to show you a video that will walk you through exactly how very small fries, when they know what they’re doing (and that’s the key), outperform even the biggest names out there.



After watching, sign up for my webinar with Matt McWilliams (who hosts the video above) this Thursday. You’ll learn a lot, and there I’ll be announcing my new mastermind group and how to get in.

We’re going to help each other succeed.

Want in?

Step one is to sign up here:

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