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You Don’t Need a $497 “Success Mindset” Course, But You Do Need This

Posted by: By Tom Woods | November 26, 2016

I was watching The Wizard of Oz with my kids the other night; although we have the DVD somewhere, it was on TBS and we just started watching.

When I was a kid, I didn’t really get the point. I just enjoyed watching it.

But look: the scarecrow doesn’t get a brain, the tin man doesn’t get a heart, and the lion doesn’t get courage. What they get is the knowledge that what they needed had been within them all along.

Well, this is how I feel about all these $497 “success mindset” courses out there. Give me a break. If there’s a mental block standing between you and success, read T. Harv Eker’s book The Millionaire Mind and save yourself $490.

Believe me, everything you need for success is already within. The wizard has nothing to give you but a receipt for $497.

What you do need for success online are some basic tools: a landing page builder, an email autoresponder, and a website, at a minimum.

LeadPages is what I use for landing pages — one-page websites where I collect people’s email addresses or make sales. I could not live without it.

Until midnight tonight (Black Friday), they’re giving away a ton of bonuses if you grab their Pro Annual plan (which is what I have). These bonuses will teach you how to build an email list, how to identify a product your audience will like, and lots of other stuff you’ll need to learn at some point anyway.

Since you’ll need a landing page builder, you may as well grab it when all these bonuses are being dangled before you.

Plus, grab it by midnight and I’ll hop on Skype with you and show you how to use it.

Check out the demo video I made for you, where I show you my own tips and strategies for making effective landing pages, and where you can take the plunge if you choose:



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