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Posted by: By Tom Woods | August 26, 2018

If you joined me for the workshop with Sara Young and Andrew Hansen last week, you got a taste of why my folks like them so much — they know everything there is to know, and they’re excellent teachers.

Want an online side hustle you can be proud of, that isn’t gimmicky, relies on no shady black-hat methods, and is based on principles that will serve you well the rest of your life?

Then join us this Tuesday.

We’re doing one more workshop together, and this time we’re focusing on ten example products that generate good affiliate revenue, to give you an idea of what works. We’ll also be using an invaluable software that helps identify profitable products out of the innumerable items on Amazon.

We’ll also be covering which markets it makes sense to go into, and which are nice if you just want an online hobby. (Much as I wish it were otherwise, “libertarianism” is not going to be a profitable niche for most people.)

Sara and Andrew have excellent reputations, and my listeners (including my own mother) swear by them.

Oh, and as last time, I’m giving away $200 to each of five people who attend (winners from last time aren’t eligible to win again).

Sign up right now:


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