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The Strategy Nobody Tells You About

Posted by: By Tom Woods | November 11, 2018

Here’s how you can build a lucrative asset most people would kill for, without spending a dime.

In fact, this is precisely how I do it.

The strategy goes like this.

Offer a report or an eBook that helps solve a problem. (If you’d like to know easy ways to do this, ask us about it in the live Q&A we have coming up; trust me that this is not difficult.) In order to get the report, the visitor needs to enter his email address.

You are now building an email list, an asset of enormous value. (I know you know this by now.)

Now here comes the key step.

Once the visitor has opted in to get the report, take him to a page making him a one-time paid offer. (At the moment the person has shown an interest in the free content you have to offer, it makes sense to offer an inexpensive paid product that is related to what he opted in for.)

A modest percentage of people will take you up on this offer.

Here’s the beauty of this strategy: the money you earn from sales of the paid product can then be spent on paid traffic methods to build your list further.

In other words, you don’t use this money to enrich yourself, at least not directly. You pour it right back into your list-building efforts, and thereby make the building of your biggest asset completely costless.

Neat trick, eh?

This is called a “self-liquidating offer.” It’s one of those secrets few tell you about.

Of course, I left out one hurdle: how the heck are you going to create a paid offer in the first place? That sure sounds like a lot of work!

I’ll tell you how I did it.

I bought the rights to an extremely helpful tech course by Paul Counts that people working online are going to need. Over 100 bite-sized, step-by-step videos.

So I didn’t even have to create the paid product. I bought the rights to Paul’s and sold that. I don’t owe Paul anything after paying $97 for the rights. I keep all the dough I earn.

Last time I checked (it’s gone up since then), Paul’s course has brought in $53,676 for me since October 2016, and that’s from barely even trying.

Nowhere do I advertise this course. The only way you can get it is by signing up for my eBook, and even then I don’t advertise the offer until the person’s email address has been entered.

And by the way: why wouldn’t it bring in that much? After all, it solves a major problem my audience has. If they didn’t have that problem they wouldn’t be seeking out my eBook in the first place.

Here’s the punchline: this Paul Counts fellow is going to answer your questions in a live session this week.

First he’s going to give us a presentation building on what I just explained here (valuable stuff, surely, right?). And then he’s taking your questions, on whatever you’re stuck on, even if you’re stuck on step one.

I don’t think I’ve ever managed to swing something like this before, with someone as experienced, knowledgeable, and successful as Paul.

So please: make the time to be there.

And remember: Paul is the seventh great-grandson of Patrick Henry, so there’s a certain novelty involved in chatting with him….

Reserve your seat right away:


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