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The SJW Hammer Comes Down at Google

Posted by: By Tom Woods | August 08, 2017

Well, the hammer came down at Google, as we knew it would.

James Damore, the author of an internal memo critical of the cult of “diversity” at Google, was just terminated by the company.

Google’s official statement could be translated like this: “At Google we believe in the free exchange of ideas. That is, unless they’re ideas we dislike, in which case you’d better shut your mouth if you know what’s good for you.”

But Woods, you say, surely the company had to fire him — what company would tolerate internal dissent?

Well, presumably internal memos urging a change in company policy aren’t beyond the pale. More importantly, imagine if the memo had been urging the hiring of more LGBT people, and Google fired the author. That’s actually hard to imagine even for the purpose of a thought experiment, isn’t it?

So there’s another reason you should have one foot in your company, and one foot in a side hustle you can turn into a full-time, independent gig if it should come to that.

That way, if the SJWs ever come after you, you can tell them to go jump in a lake. (You may choose to say something nastier; the variety of ways we may choose to hit back at SJWs is an area where we should certainly celebrate diversity.)

Start figuring out your exit strategy.

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Check it out, and prepare to be able to tell the SJW’s to go stick it:


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