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Posted by: By Tom Woods | December 04, 2017

Sometimes I see the great Eric July make a video while he’s driving.

I’m too scared I’ll crash into something. (Hence my scaredy video at the end.)

With that emasculating admission out of the way, today’s message involves a regular guy who’s gotten pretty good at affiliate marketing. (He sells other people’s products and earns commissions.)

This guy ain’t no millionaire. But you know what? Screw them. They’re 117 steps and ten years ahead of you.

How about a guy who’s only about six months ahead, but they’ve been a great, successful six months?

(OK, I shouldn’t have said that thing about millionaires. My point is: you don’t always want to learn Physics 101 from the top researcher at MIT. He’ll be speaking ten levels above you without even realizing it.)

First of all, no matter what your interest is, there are affiliate programs waiting for you to join and earn commissions from.

Maybe it’s wine. There are wine affiliate programs. There are wine rack affiliate programs. There are wine cellar affiliate programs.

Even gazebo companies have affiliate programs. (The commission rate doesn’t exceed 10%, but since gazebos can cost 25K and above, that ain’t too shabby.)

(Why do I call it the lazy man’s method? Because you don’t have to create the products, hold inventory, manage customer service, etc. Just send some clicks and collect the dough, which companies with affiliate programs are only too happy to send you.)

And although you can build an email list and promote these programs that way (and I do recommend that), relative newcomer Tim Verdouw has a much faster way to build up an audience to whom you can pitch affiliate offers.

(It’s in video #3 under “My Success Secrets” in his Affiliate Secrets program.)

Now Tim focuses on Internet marketing products only (though his strategies of course work for any niche, and I strongly recommend them).

So I created a bonus for you in case that’s not your niche.

Pick up Tim’s Affiliate Secrets program (it’s a ridiculous 9 smackers for the time being, for crying out loud) and one of my three bonuses is a screencast video in which I walk you through how to find affiliate programs in more niches than you knew existed.

My bonus page, featuring my in-the-car-but-not-driving scaredy-cat video:

The thing to get, to get my bonuses:

Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, which means I earn a commission if you click on them and buy something. This helps me keep the lights on around here. Naturally, I don't recommend a product unless I have used and benefited from it myself, or I have researched it enough to determine it to be of good quality and likely to benefit my readers. I don't promote anything created by the swamp dwellers. Thanks for reading!

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