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I Just Kicked My Uber Driver in the Rear End

Posted by: By Tom Woods | March 12, 2018

Last week, on our way to La Guardia Airport my daughter Veronica and I rode in a car with someone who needed a swift kick in the pants.

The guy wrote music with others in mind — artists, yes, but also firms, industries, whatever. He played me demos of his music and what precisely he had in mind with each one.

I was afraid it was going to be awful.

But it was great!

So what is he doing to get this music out there?


He was in some kind of weird mindset paralysis. What was he expecting to happen? He just sits there, and things change for him?

So I started talking to him about what his next steps should be, and that he has just got to get over the paralysis — perhaps even the self-doubt? — and get moving.

He thanked me, sincerely.

It was a great experience.

Can you relate to his paralysis, though?

It’s your mortal enemy. Nothing changes unless you take action.

Here’s something to take action on.

It turns out that simple, ugly mugs, with text only and in black and white, sell very well on Amazon, as Rachel Rofe teaches.

An idiot can use the service that makes them.

No need to hold inventory, either.

A simple, straightforward way to make sales — and moolah — online. Plenty of my subscribers are already in Rachel’s private Facebook group, and they swear by her. Not to mention something entrepreneurial young people can learn to do.

In her webinar tomorrow she’s going to show you how to do it.

Now let me be up front: at the end she’s going to make you an offer. It’s a really good one. But you can absolutely do what she describes without taking that offer.

Unlike so many webinar hosts — the kind I avoid like the plague, by the way — she doesn’t give you platitudes for 60 minutes and then ask for dough to give you the full story. Trust me: you will be very impressed by how much you learn.

The last time I sent my folks to a webinar with her, people raved about it for days.

Every journey starts with a single step, blah blah blah.

Here’s yours:

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