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If Feminists Can Earn This Much, Maybe You Can, Too

Posted by: By Tom Woods | December 07, 2016

I want my kids to see their parents helping other folks out.

On the local level we enjoy giving anonymous help to people we know who need it. And my kids and I have started taking time to look through sites like DonorSee, GoFundMe, and Indiegogo, and we decide on causes we agree are especially compelling.

While on one of those sites with the kids over the weekend, I found myself looking through the entrepreneurial section. Lots of really clever ideas are being funded, sometimes very heavily, by a consuming public that sees their merits.

And it was there that I discovered the business idea I mentioned to you yesterday: card decks.

Here are some decks of cards (of all kinds, most of which aren’t traditional playing cards or even games at all) that generated interest on Indiegogo and Kickstarter:

Remember, this money is raised from BUYERS:

  • Writer Emergency Pack, a deck of cards to help people cope with writers’ block, raised $158,109 on Kickstarter
  • The Shorter Catechism Deck, of interest to Protestants, has raised 238% of the money it was seeking (with 16 days still to go in its Kickstarter campaign! It’s still running as I write this)
  • A deck of feminist playing cards raised nearly $13,000
  • Dan Ariely’s Irrational Card Game raised $314,870
  • Lightbox Photography Cards, a 52-card deck to inspire photographers, raised $35,590

And believe me, I chose these pretty much at random. There must be hundreds of successful examples.

I had no idea decks of cards were a genuine business idea.

I’ll bet you could think of a good deck idea. Then what the heck: test it out on Kickstarter to see if there’s an audience for it.

But Woods, it’s not that easy — don’t I have to be an artist? And how would I produce the cards? Where would I sell them?

All good questions.



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