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How These Three Students Won the Thomas E. Woods Prize

Posted by: By Tom Woods | February 20, 2018

Here’s a happy story.

Last year, Jeffrey Herbener of Grove City College appeared on my show. He’s the economics department chairman there. I asked him off the air how his Austrian Student Scholars Conference was coming along for 2018.

He said there might not be one. Funding sources were drying up.

This conference is an important transmission belt for us: young people working in the Austrian School tradition — a school of thought that includes Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard — make their first scholarly foray into our world via this conference. I felt strongly that it should go on.

I told him I’d make up the difference.

So we went back on the air and casually announced that of course the conference was on for 2018.

One of the things my donation funded was the cash prizes for the top three papers, which were awarded a few days ago at the conference. The Thomas E. Woods Prizes were distributed as follows:

First Prize: Anthony Rozmajzl, “The True Economic Impacts of Blockchain Technology”

Second Prize: Melissa Lueken, “A Methodological Consideration of Behavioral Economics”

Third Prize: Daniel Sanchez-Pinol Yulee, “Risk and the Capital Structure: A Causal-Realist Approach”

Now what does this have to do with anything?

The money I donated to this worthy cause came entirely out of the earnings I’d pulled in from applying what I’d learned from one of the masters of the online universe. (I publicly thanked him on Facebook at the time for making it possible.)

In fact, I ended up taking every last dime I earned from this guy’s stuff and giving it all away to people and causes that really needed it.

I had never been in a position to do that before. It felt good.

And it’s not because I have a big audience, by the way; in this area I don’t have such a big audience, and I’m still beating affiliates with ten times the following I have.

What’s my secret?


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