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Have You Heard of the Guy Who Prevented Nuclear Annihilation? (Most Haven’t)

Posted by: By Tom Woods | September 11, 2018

This is no joke.

Well, this part is: Jerry Seinfeld in one of his standup routines once talked about a guy who was able to catch a bullet in his teeth.

And Seinfeld said: I can’t even remember the guy’s name. Can you imagine the guy’s reaction if he knew that? “What would it take to really impress you? Catching a cannonball in the eye?”

Same goes for Stanislav Petrov, the man who saved the world from nuclear annihilation.

In 1983, Petrov — a military officer who was on night duty at the Soviet military’s early-warning facility outside Moscow — heard an alarm go off indicating a U.S. nuclear attack.

He had to make a quick decision. If he told his superiors it was a genuine attack, they would have no time for deliberation. They would order a massive counterattack, and civilization would be destroyed.

Petrov went ahead and told his superior that the satellites were feeding false information. The ground radar could not confirm the incoming missiles, and the radar system was more reliable than the satellites.

He was right, and the world was saved.

And chances are, you’ve never heard of him.

And when he died last year, there was no official acknowledgment from the Russian government.

I thought of all this last night as a dozen or so of my listeners and I successfully completed an escape room in New York City called “Nuclear Annihilation.”

We weren’t exactly Stanislav Petrov, but we did escape the room and avoid nuclear annihilation with 13 minutes to spare, and that’s at least something.

Now here’s the deal.

I’m not asking you to be Stanislav Petrov and save the world.

I’m not even asking you to play an escape game with me and solve all kinds of difficult puzzles.

I’m asking you to do something much more simple and mundane.

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I’ve loaded up this $8 product (the price keeps nudging upward little by little) with some nice bonuses, and if you decide to pick up one of the upgrades, I’m even throwing in a course on blogging that you can not only learn from but you can also sell and keep all the profits from (it comes with a ready-made sales page).

But the price goes way up tomorrow night, and then you’ll be sad.

If you don’t click, Stanislav Petrov’s sacrifice was in vain:


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