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Bruce Willis Followed Me Around

Posted by: By Tom Woods | September 12, 2018

Last night Bruce Willis sauntered into Playa Betty’s on Amsterdam Ave in Manhattan, where a friend and I were eating.

It’s right near the Beacon Theatre, where Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull would be performing that night.

My friend and I put it together: Willis is known to be a progressive rock fan. He’s eating near the Beacon so he can get to the concert.

Ding ding ding.

I’d managed to get myself rather a nice seat for the show. What I didn’t realize was: Bruce Willis would be sitting right in front of me.

Since he was sitting in the seat on the end, he was able to stand in the aisle for a few minutes here and there and in effect lead the cheers. I grinned like an idiot at him and complied.

What a great night.

Now look:

I’m not asking you to rescue hostages at Nakatomi Plaza, or run around New York City solving riddles with the Samuel L. Jackson character.

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Plus I’ve loaded it with bonuses.

But the price goes up at midnight.

Yippie ki yay, Benjamin Tucker:


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