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What the Authors of Unspeakably Bad Books Know That You Don’t

Posted by: By Tom Woods | October 02, 2018

Remember when as a young person you were impressed to learn that someone had written a book?

Then, 250 crappy books later, it didn’t impress you quite so much?

Here’s the thing: writing a book — even a short one (plenty of eBooks are well under 100 pages) — opens doors for you. It positions you as an authority, and in fact may be the quickest route to authority status.

It builds you an audience.

It gets you media attention, which builds your audience and readership still further.

(Believe me, as a guy who needs five podcast guests per week, someone who approaches me having written even a little book is a lifesaver.)

You prove something to yourself by writing it: yes, I am an action taker, and yes, I’ll emerge from my comfort zone.

So instead of looking at the authors of all those crappy books with contempt, we should instead say: even these knuckleheads figured out the value of writing a book.


There’s a lot to it, if you really want to do well. You may even give up, and wind up as so much roadkill on the information superhighway.

I won’t let that happen.

Here’s the best way to keep everything straight, not to miss anything, and to maintain your sanity:


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