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Admit It: You Love When I Share Emails From Crazy People

Posted by: By Tom Woods | August 17, 2018

I’ve shared some of them with you, on both of my email lists.

They’re rude, they’re bizarre, they’re off the wall.

One person said she would report me to the President of the United States because I had a private Facebook group that people have to pay to enter.

I’m sure that’ll be Trump’s #1 priority.

Now how about one from a normal person?

I received this last week:

“I will give you money every month till the day I die. The spirit of capitalism that you have awakened in me has taken me to over a million views on my guitar lessons, and I am a professional marketer to boot. I am also building a retail company with a friend that is seeing GREAT success because of the marketing classes you pointed me to.”

Two things to note:

(1) “Music teacher” isn’t exactly a field you expect wildly fantastic results from — and yet this guy, a longtime listener who takes my advice, is doing it.

(2) He points to marketing resources I’ve recommended as helping to accelerate his success.

What this means:

If you also want a revenue-generating site like this guy — and who doesn’t? — you’ll progress faster, and hate yourself less, if you learn from people who have been there and done that, than if you meander around endlessly on your own.

Most people meander.

And then fail.

Step one to not failing: read this free report by Sara Young and Andrew Hansen, which will introduce you to a whole new world, and will get you thinking in productive and exciting ways:

However, don’t register for their Monday webinar, which they mention in there.

Register for the Tuesday one at the link below, where I’ll be on the call with you (and I’ll be giving away $200 to each of five random live attendees):


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