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Posted by: By Tom Woods | November 28, 2017

At first, Friedrich Frankenstein refused to believe any of the nonsense about his grandfather, Victor. There’s no way dead tissue could be reanimated!

But then, in the classic Mel Brooks film, he comes across, and studies, his grandfather’s private papers.

He thinks it all over.

He declares, “It…could…work!!”

(And indeed it does.)

Here’s how this involves you.

Let me propose a model for you.

You will reject it at first.

But you’ll consider the logic, and you’ll have a Friedrich Frankenstein moment.

I know a guy named Sam Bakker.

I’ve watched him release a really neat (and profitable) piece of software several times a year.

I thought: wow, this guy really knows how to create software!

Ah, naive little Tom.

It turns out, Sam has zero programming skills.

But he’s very good at the very thing programmers stink at: marketing.

(I love all you programmers and coders out there, but when I listen to you try to sell something I start looking around for an object to bludgeon myself with.)

Here’s Sam’s basic model:

(1) He develops an idea, based on a perceived need among his market;
(2) He hires a developer, at a fixed price (much less than you think) to create software to meet that need;
(3) He then sells the software, keeping all the profits.

Now unless you have That-Sounds-Like-Something-Other-People-Do Syndrome, you’re intrigued.

But Woods, you say, how would I find people who would buy my software?

Answer: you don’t have to.

Affiliates will find them.

Offer a 50% commission, and people with big email lists full of hungry buyers will gladly do the work for you.

Meanwhile, every buyer in turn becomes an entry on your own email list, which you can use in the future to sell more stuff.

This proposition is not debatable: people no different from you are making fantastic livings doing precisely this.

“It…could…work” indeed.


Sign up right now to watch Sam walk you through it tomorrow morning:

P.S. Yes, he’ll pitch you something, but his guide is very inexpensive (less than $20 if you grab it tomorrow morning), and even if you don’t spring for it, I’ve never known anyone to listen to Sam and not learn something.

Save your spot:

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