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My 22 Best Headlines

Posted by: By Tom Woods | November 13, 2018

Those of you who opened last night’s email [to my online business list; join it here] about becoming a New Yorker either laughed out loud or were horrified.

But those of you who did: I appreciate you. You looked at that subject line, simply had to know how I was going to deliver on it, and opened up and read.

I just looked over all the subject lines for this list in 2018. I’ve had some doozies.

Here’s the thing, though: they’re not clickbait. I deliver on these headlines, and I draw a business lesson out of the subjects discussed.

Here are my favorites from 2018. Note one thing they all have in common: they arouse curiosity.

Curiosity is the most powerful thing you can appeal to when it comes to email and marketing.

Here we go:

(1) I see dead people (handing me products to sell)
(2) Watch me punish a belligerent customer
(3) Stereotyping helped me not get swindled on Airbnb last night
(4) Now that my clothes are back on, I can give you the good news
(5) this guy was homeless. now I’m speaking at his conference
(6) So I brought a cup of my own urine to the savings bank
(7) I’m getting sick of Bruce Willis following me around
(8) Your military coup in the Land of the Knuckleheads
(9) Extreme couponers are chumps
(10) I watched a millionaire leave a one-dollar tip, and then reacted
(11) Report: Woods is “the most divisive figure alive” in the libertarian movement
(12) The only thing I ever promoted that *nobody* bought. And I mean nobody
(13) With Justice Kennedy retiring, the Nazi takeover is nearly complete
(14) That cat video got 100,000,000 views, and your blog has 12 visitors
(15) Real-life Nigerian demands I pay him $60,000 (I’m not joking)
(16) It’s LGBTQ Pride month. And that means…
(17) Nobody knew who I was, and I beat everyone. Then they knew.
(18) Hey Woods, how do you get so much done? The horrifying secret
(19) How I defended Ron Paul against the scum of the earth
(20) The cats keep pooping in my bathroom
(21) The tooth fairy, a.k.a. pathetic loser
(22) I just kicked my Uber driver in the rear end

A good subject line matters: it gets your reader’s attention. Eventually you hope to become good enough at this email game that it’s not the subject line but the “from” line that gets their attention. They see, say, Tom Woods, and they wouldn’t even consider not opening it.

I need especially good ones these days because if you miss my live Q&A session with Paul Counts, I will be genuinely unhappy. Rarely do we get the opportunity to pick the brain of someone as knowledgeable and successful as Paul.

He’ll get you over whatever that hurdle is.

Plus, you’ll be speaking to Patrick Henry’s seventh great-grandson, which is a novelty in itself.

Reserve your seat right away, and I’ll see you there:


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