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You'd Better Not Make Un-P.C. Comments About Test Scores

Posted by: By Tom Woods | March 16, 2018

Amy Wax of the University of Pennsylvania Law School got yanked from teaching an important first-year lecture class after students objected — I mean, threw a tantrum over — remarks she made about different students’ academic performance.

In a discussion of affirmative action, she told Glenn Loury (who is black) that in her experience, black students were not scoring toward the top of the class.

“I can think of one or two students who scored in the top half of my required first-year course,” she said, “so I’m going on that because a lot of this data is a closely guarded secret.”

These aren’t interpretations. They’re facts.

About 15 black students a year score at least 168 on the LSAT; the average score at the top law schools ranges from 169 into the 170s. That means every one of these students could be absorbed by just one law school. We therefore know for certain that black candidates are being held to a lower standard. The math allows for no other result.

What we do about these facts, or why they are what they are, are completely separate questions. But if we’re not even allowed to discuss the facts, what on earth is going on?

Professor Wax, meanwhile, is badgered and harassed by mobs, and surely only tenure is what has saved her from being fired.

If even raw, indisputable facts aren’t allowed, are you sure you’re safe?

Good advice: build up additional income streams, so you can give the p.c. terrorizers the finger if it should ever come to that.

Chances are, your job doesn’t have tenure.

One of the easiest and most fun ways to do this is laid out very effectively in this video, which I strongly urge you to take the time to watch. It’s going to be taken down in the coming days.

My listeners swear by the woman teaching this, and have been doing great with it.

Well worth your time, trust me:

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