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The Worst Pixar Character

Posted by: By Tom Woods | January 30, 2018

When you’re a dad of five girls, you wind up watching a lot of animation.

And man, have I seen Finding Nemo a lot.

Nemo’s father, Marlin, has to be the worst Pixar character — and possibly the worst any kind of character — of all time.

Marlin has the personality of your bathroom doorknob. He has zero sense of humor. Zero charm. Yet he thinks so highly of himself that he wants to name half his children Marlin Jr.

They made a sequel: Finding Dory.

They couldn’t make Finding Marlin, because if he ever got lost, no one would notice.

Savage? Maybe. But after so many viewings, you’re driven to extremes.

Sometimes, though, boring is good.

Like in eCommerce.

With everyone wanting to push fun, interesting products, there’s a huge gap in boring products. And that’s where you quietly swoop in.

Tonight my eCommerce friends — some of the best in the world — are going to show us ten examples of boring products that earn small fortunes.

Naturally, you never have to handle these products or hold inventory (I wouldn’t make you do that).

And you can know precisely how well they’re selling and what your prospects with them will be before you even get involved.

That’s why Steve and Aidan — who are completely trustworthy, and real-live friends of mine who have done wonders for many of my listeners — are offering a double-your-money-back guarantee. That’s how sure they are that this will work for you.

Best thing I’ve ever promoted, by far.

Sign up to join us tonight:

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