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Do You Feel Sorry for a Guy Still Earning $8.95/hr After 32 Years at McDonald's?

Posted by: By Tom Woods | December 30, 2016

Warning: I’m going to be blunt.

If you’re a delicate snowflake, stop reading now.

You’ve probably heard of “Fight for $15,” the group trying to organize fast-food workers to get their wages raised to $15 per hour.

One of their promos features a Felipe Mujita of Chicago. He says he has worked for McDonald’s for 32 years, and still earns $8.95 per hour.

This is supposed to make us all tears and pity for poor Felipe.

But think about it for a minute: what kind of no-ambition dolt is still earning $8.95, and has achieved zero upward advancement, after 32 YEARS?

That’s absurd and contemptible, not a cause to rally around.

Spend an hour a day learning a skill you can sell on a freelance site, and you’ll earn much more than $8.95 per hour.

Or spend an hour a day looking around the Internet at the way successful online earners are making their money.

Or read a book about local marketing.


But just plodding along, earning your $8.95 per hour for 32 years?

Look, man, not a SINGLE, SOLITARY EMPLOYER ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD thinks you’re worth more than $8.95 per hour. And you think a sensible way out of that situation is to bark demands through a bullhorn at the only employer on earth who can stand the sight of you?

There are plenty of opportunities out there for people willing to break out of their inertia.

Local businesses need websites. No one is approaching them with proposals. You can design simple yet beautiful sites for them that perform the basic functions a local business needs.

My daughter (Regina) and I are starting a new side business where we’ll do just that.

And there’s a tremendous tool you can use to build websites for businesses in scores of niches, in no time at all. That’s how we’re doing it.

Want a nice side hustle, or a new line of work? Check out our workshop on how to do this:

Be Regina. Not Felipe.

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