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My Uphill Battle Against Insane People on Twitter

Posted by: By Tom Woods | March 29, 2018

I took my car in for an interior cleaning today. One hour, they said.

Three hours and fifteen minutes later, I was on my way.

Yes, I should have been working during that time, but instead I wound up arguing with emotional hypochondriacs on Twitter who think Jordan Peterson — of all people — spreads “conspiracy theories about Jews.”

You’d think Peterson couldn’t be any clearer about how he feels about stuff like that, but you’d be wrong.

I tried to explain, as patiently as I could, that the idea that someone of Peterson’s prominence would be openly anti-Semitic is inconceivable, and that only someone completely tone-deaf regarding how American society works could think such a thing.

Couldn’t penetrate the concrete blocks around their brains, unfortunately.

Then a rapper tweeted that a Heineken light beer commercial was “racist” (as if a reputation for racism is what American businesses want).

I replied: “You are mentally ill.”

I’m glad the Easter Triduum is upon us: I’ll have a few days of quiet to drown out the loonies.

That also means this is the last time I’ll be offering you that course on how to earn smackers by sharing your knowledge on Skillshare.

The course includes the right to resell it and keep all the profits.

That’s not a misprint: these guys made you a product and are handing it to you, complete with a done-for-you sales page.

(Even if you don’t want to sell it, you’ll definitely learn from it.)

And it costs less than dinner at Chili’s.

But it’s on a dimesale, which means the price constantly inches upward, so stop it in its tracks now:

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