It’s nice to get people looking at your offer.

But it’s nicer when they buy.


Most people are fence-sitters.

“Oh, that’s a nice offer,” they think.

And they think, and they think.

And they move on to other things. And they think and think about those.

How do you get them to jump off that fence and actually do something?

Ask yourself how the big players do it:, the major travel sites, restaurant chains, whatever. Answer: they emphasize scarcity.

If you don’t buy right now, you’ll miss out on the offer.

I do a lot of online marketing. And like other marketers, I can tell you this: up to 50% of the sales from a given promotion come in on the last day.

Up to 33% of sales of a 7-day promotion are made within the last three hours.

That’s scarcity kicking in. As people see the offer slipping away, they jump off the fence.

Jeff Walker, creator of Product Launch Formula, sells his product for one week during the entire year – because that’s how powerful scarcity is for sales. Jeff has made 8 figures and beyond from the sale of his product, and he sells it only with a countdown timer attached.

If you’re not taking advantage of this, you’re leaving money on the table.

There should be an end date on every single promotion you run…

Whether it be an end to a low price, a feature, or even to the offer itself.

And you have to present it everywhere – on your pages, in your emails, on your blog.

So those fence-sitters stop sitting.

So they take notice of when the best deal is going to run out.

So they buy from you.

All the Big Companies Use Scarcity

When you see a sign at McDonald’s saying, “Last Days for the McRib,” you’re seeing a company using scarcity.

Even Apple, the company that supposedly never runs sales, does this during Christmas time with their special financing offers that are “available only until December 24th.”

Walmart, eBay, Amazon – they all do it.

And as far as Internet marketing goes, EVERY SINGLE MAJOR PLAYER uses countdown timers to push as much product as they can.

Bottom line: If you’re not doing limited-time promotions and using countdown timers to reinforce them, you’re leaving money on the table. That’s not in doubt. The only question is how much.

How Timer Pal Can Help

More attention to the deadline in emails and on your site = more clicks on your links = more money for you.

If you’re not emphasizing scarcity, you ARE losing sales.timer-pal-cover-lg

But you don’t have to.

We use Timer Pal for our countdown timers. It works like a charm. It’s great because:


Timer Pal comes with over 30 different templates to choose from, or you can upload your own custom template.

Here’s what one of those templates looks like inside an email:


With “Evergreen” timers, you can start the timer on each unique visitor’s first visit, creating a new offer and urgency for each visitor.

And the same countdown that was started for your visitor will show anywhere else that visitor looks – in emails, on your blog, etc. (Tech jargon: It’s IP and cookie based, not just cookie based.)

This will allow you create “evergreen” urgency not only on the sales page, but also in your emails and any other place you wish to show a countdown.

With a “Looping” timer, you can simply reset the timer, over and over again, without touching it.

This comes in handy if you run the same promotion every day or every week, or constantly to new traffic (like a CPA page).

Now you can just set the time interval (works awesome for 24 hours!) and never have to touch it again.

Expired Timer Custom Image Option

One of the keys to being successful with time scarcity is that people must believe you.

Flashing a dynamically updated “Sorry, offer closed” sign inside your emails and on your pages when your timer expires lets your people know that you’re being sincere when you make limited-time offers.

And next time they see the timer, they’ll be that much more EAGER TO ACT IN TIME because they know you’re not messing around!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need hosting or WordPress?

Yes. Timer Pal is a WordPress plugin. You need to have WordPress and you need some kind of hosting.

Does it work on a PC and Mac?

Yes! Timer Pal is a web-based app hosted on our servers, so it will work with any web browser.

Will it display on any device?

Yes! Timer Pal will display on any desktop computer, tablet, or phone without issues.

I’m not very technical; can I use this?

Yes! We designed the tool to be so easy to use that you won’t even need to watch a tutorial video to start using it. It’s probably the most intuitive app I’ve ever used.

Are there templates I can use?

Yes! We designed over 75 different timer templates for you to choose from. And you can even upload and create your own custom timer template.

Who Should Use Countdown Timers?

Everybody who is selling anything online today should use countdown timers on their sales pages, in their emails, for their e-commerce stores, on their blogs, and for their affiliate promotions – to double or triple their sales.

In Short

If you’re selling anything online, you’re cheating yourself out of revenue if you don’t employ scarcity and a countdown timer. Grab your copy of Timer Pal and never let those extra sales get away again.

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