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The One Time You Should Ignore My Advice

Posted by: By Tom Woods | March 28, 2017

Last night I took Elizabeth, my 7-year-old, to gymnastics, where she’s just been bumped up to the group that preps for the gymnastics team. They think she has natural talent.

I’m really proud of this little dynamo. She’s smart, sweet, and turns out to have this talent we hadn’t known about.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she did really well at this. But she’s not interested in a career in that field. It’s just something she likes to do.

It’s like me and chess. I’m a pretty good player, and I can blow any casual player off the board. But I don’t have the desire to put in the work necessary to be a world-class player (and I might lack the natural talent anyway).

This is true of plenty of people online, too. They make a little side income as affiliates (meaning they earn commissions selling other people’s products), for instance, but that’s as far as they’re interested in taking it.

But then, as in all fields, you have the people who take something way, way past the hobby stage.

Enter the guy I’m introducing you to today.

(1) You’ve probably heard me mention him.
(2) I own every product he’s ever released.
(3) He’s one of the best affiliates in the world.
(4) He earns seven figures online every year.
(5) Although there must be others, he and I are the only affiliates I’m aware of who consistently use his method.

Note: lots of sales pages for Internet marketing info products are like self-parodies: I was broke, and then I stumbled upon this *secret method* for online riches, and now I take fancy vacations with beautiful women!

This guy is having a bit of fun with that genre at the link below. This is not the kind of page I normally send you to.

In any other situation, I cringe at and steer you away from “learn my secret method to earn commissions.” Secret method my you-know-what.

Or “Earn up to $X per day!”

But this guy really does have his own method (and you’re darn right he earns at least $X per day). And when he explains it to you, you’ll say: “Wait a minute, Woods does this!”

Correct. Where do you think I learned it from?

Check it out:

Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, which means I earn a commission if you click on them and buy something. This helps me keep the lights on around here. Naturally, I don't recommend a product unless I have used and benefited from it myself, or I have researched it enough to determine it to be of good quality and likely to benefit my readers. I don't promote anything created by the swamp dwellers. Thanks for reading!

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