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Six Kids Under 10, and She's Still Kicking %#@ and Taking Names

Posted by: By Tom Woods | June 10, 2017

Katie runs a site and community called Wellness Mama. She has monetized it like crazy.

She has a podcast, she earns advertising revenue, she does affiliate marketing, she has a membership site, and she sends out an email newsletter.

(She’s a Tom Woods fan, too, it turns out.)

Oh, and she has six kids under 10.

“Woods, I just can’t find the time to build an online income stream.”

Did I mention Katie has six kids under age 10? She even has me beat!

She created her entire empire from scratch.

(Expect an interview with her sometime this summer, by the way. When she interviewed me not long ago, I thought: I’d love to turn the tables and get her story. That’s coming.)

Building an online empire isn’t easy, I admit.

What if I just handed you your own online store, which you could have up and running five minutes from now, plus resale rights to four software programs you can sell and keep all the money from?

And what if you had the option to get resell rights to more software every single month, to add to your store?

Katie built an empire from nothing.

Here, on the other hand, is a fully functional, ready-to-go store, with products and everything, for less than the price of a steak dinner.

Yes, this is what the technology of 2017 makes possible.

Worth a shot?

Price goes up at midnight Saturday (June 10), so have macaroni and cheese instead of a steak dinner tonight:

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