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Screw That Graduation Speech You Heard, and Instead Be Like Everyone Else

Posted by: By Tom Woods | June 25, 2017

I graduated first in my class at North Andover High School in 1990. So I had to give a speech.

Point in my favor: I refused to give one of those “follow your dreams” and “you’re special” speeches.

Point against: I instead gave a speech urging people to pay higher taxes for schools.


(See, I tell you folks things I would never admit to on my libertarian email list.)

Sometimes it pays to listen to those boilerplate speeches and be original.

In other cases you’re just wasting your time and energy.

This is one of the latter.

Virtually everyone I know who’s successful online follows this strategy:

(1) Send people to an opt-in page for a free gift (an eBook, video series, whatever), or for an inexpensive product (a $7 eBook, for example).

(2) Follow up via email with relevant offers for that audience. Earn commissions on sales.

(3) Repeat.

Some people I know have a few other strategies they employ alongside this, but pretty much everyone does at least this.

That’s because it works. Man, does it work.

The trouble is, (1) is easier said than done. How do you get people to your page in the first place, and how do you make sure they’re the kind of people who’d be interested in what you have waiting for them there?

(Of course, if you’re a true newbie you probably have no idea how to create one of those pages in the first place, but I promise it’s easy.)

The search engines aren’t much help; your opt-in site is too “thin” for Google to rank.

Facebook ads are great, but can be tricky for a newbie.

Hint: what about those people with huge YouTube and Facebook followings in your niche? Might you be able to give them an incentive to send you some traffic?

Oh, and how can you be sure you’re choosing a niche with plenty of products that carry decent commissions?

All this stuff is covered in a webinar we recorded a couple of days ago. Check it out right away, because she’s being taken down super soon:

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