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The Real World Is Going to Eat These Snowflakes Alive

Posted by: By Tom Woods | September 03, 2017

That’s how we comfort ourselves: the safe-space, pro-censorship ninnies who intimidate people on college campuses and can’t cope with opposing views will be too delicate to cope in the business world someday.

Unfortunately, the business world is fast becoming like the universities.

“A conveyor belt of left-wing conformity runs from the academy into corporations and the government,” says a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, “so that today’s ivory-tower folly becomes tomorrow’s condition of employment.”

Virtually everyone I talk to confirms this grim assessment.

The article concludes, “It says a lot about the corporate world that it makes universities look like an open marketplace of ideas.”

All the more reason to start planning out your exit strategy, or at least to have something on the side in case it should ever come to that.

Great way to do that: Bob Bly’s book The 21 Steps to Internet Marketing Success.

Bob is “America’s top copywriter,” according to McGraw-Hill, and the only person I’ve ever allowed to write in my name.

He’s also a master at the online income game.

Until tomorrow night (when I withdraw this bonus), pick up Bob’s book and I’ll throw in a 4+ star rated Udemy course on affiliate marketing — my personal favorite way to earn passive income online.

It’s not one of these 15-minute “courses” that so many “free bonuses” turn out to be. This one’s roughly five hours of material.

Just grab Bob’s book at the link below and forward me your receipt.

But there’ll be no safe space to flee to when I stop offering that bonus tomorrow night, so….

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