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Reader Turns My Advice into $67K

Posted by: By Tom Woods | October 05, 2017

And he’s not alone, either.

Just after 11:00pm last Saturday, the night of my 1000th episode event in Orlando, I was standing at my book table when a fellow who had gone on last year’s Contra Cruise — the annual cruise I co-host — introduced me to his friend, who listens to my podcast.

The friend bought a book from me, and then requested a minute of my time.

He asked if I remembered my episode on eCommerce.

Of course, I said.

He pulled out his smartphone. On the screen were the sales he’d done in the past three months.

Over $67,000.

Here’s the screenshot he showed me (I demanded he email it to me):

As you can see, virtually all of it is from last month, when his business really took off.

How’d he do it?

Six months earlier he joined an eCommerce training program I recommended. And he’s already at this level.

He sells stuff online, but doesn’t need to hold inventory.

I’ll be talking to him, along with other listeners, on my podcast tomorrow, about their life-changing eCommerce success.

They were total newbies.

Want to learn how to do this, too? Sign up for my workshop with eCommerce expert Fred Lam.

(When you sign up, he’ll also send you a free copy of his book Starting From Zero, featuring a foreword by Robert Kiyosaki.)

This is seriously life-changing.

If you’ve been on the fence and waiting for that thing that’s just right for you, give this presentation a serious look:

P.S. If you signed up after hearing Fred on my podcast last weekend, I didn’t have the page set up right, so you may want to sign up again. Sorry about that.

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