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You’d Better Not Make Un-P.C. Comments About Test Scores

March 16th, 2018   |   By Tom Woods

Amy Wax of the University of Pennsylvania Law School got yanked from teaching an important first-year lecture class after students objected — I mean, threw a tantrum over — remarks she made about different students’ academic performance.

In a discussion of affirmative action, she told Glenn Loury (who is black) that in her experience, black students were not scoring toward the top of the class.

“I can think of one or two students who scored in the top half of my required first-year course,” she said, “so I’m going on that because a lot of this data is a closely guarded secret.”

These aren’t interpretations. They’re facts.

About 15 black students a year score at least 168 on the LSAT; the average score at the top law schools ranges from 169 into the 170s. That means every one of these students could be absorbed by just one law school. We therefore know for certain that black candidates are being held to a lower standard. The math allows for no other result.

What we do about these facts, or why they are what they are, are completely separate questions. But if we’re not even allowed to discuss the facts, what on earth is going on?

Professor Wax, meanwhile, is badgered and harassed by mobs, and surely only tenure is what has saved her from being fired.

If even raw, indisputable facts aren’t allowed, are you sure you’re safe?

Good advice: build up additional income streams, so you can give the p.c. terrorizers the finger if it should ever come to that.

Chances are, your job doesn’t have tenure.

One of the easiest and most fun ways to do this is laid out very effectively in this video, which I strongly urge you to take the time to watch. It’s going to be taken down in the coming days.

My listeners swear by the woman teaching this, and have been doing great with it.

Well worth your time, trust me:


I Just Kicked My Uber Driver in the Rear End

March 12th, 2018   |   By Tom Woods

Last week, on our way to La Guardia Airport my daughter Veronica and I rode in a car with someone who needed a swift kick in the pants.

The guy wrote music with others in mind — artists, yes, but also firms, industries, whatever. He played me demos of his music and what precisely he had in mind with each one.

I was afraid it was going to be awful.

But it was great!

So what is he doing to get this music out there?


He was in some kind of weird mindset paralysis. What was he expecting to happen? He just sits there, and things change for him?

So I started talking to him about what his next steps should be, and that he has just got to get over the paralysis — perhaps even the self-doubt? — and get moving.

He thanked me, sincerely.

It was a great experience.

Can you relate to his paralysis, though?

It’s your mortal enemy. Nothing changes unless you take action.

Here’s something to take action on.

It turns out that simple, ugly mugs, with text only and in black and white, sell very well on Amazon, as Rachel Rofe teaches.

An idiot can use the service that makes them.

No need to hold inventory, either.

A simple, straightforward way to make sales — and moolah — online. Plenty of my subscribers are already in Rachel’s private Facebook group, and they swear by her. Not to mention something entrepreneurial young people can learn to do.

In her webinar tomorrow she’s going to show you how to do it.

Now let me be up front: at the end she’s going to make you an offer. It’s a really good one. But you can absolutely do what she describes without taking that offer.

Unlike so many webinar hosts — the kind I avoid like the plague, by the way — she doesn’t give you platitudes for 60 minutes and then ask for dough to give you the full story. Trust me: you will be very impressed by how much you learn.

The last time I sent my folks to a webinar with her, people raved about it for days.

Every journey starts with a single step, blah blah blah.

Here’s yours:


How These Three Students Won the Thomas E. Woods Prize

February 20th, 2018   |   By Tom Woods

Here’s a happy story.

Last year, Jeffrey Herbener of Grove City College appeared on my show. He’s the economics department chairman there. I asked him off the air how his Austrian Student Scholars Conference was coming along for 2018.

He said there might not be one. Funding sources were drying up.

This conference is an important transmission belt for us: young people working in the Austrian School tradition — a school of thought that includes Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard — make their first scholarly foray into our world via this conference. I felt strongly that it should go on.

I told him I’d make up the difference.

So we went back on the air and casually announced that of course the conference was on for 2018.

One of the things my donation funded was the cash prizes for the top three papers, which were awarded a few days ago at the conference. The Thomas E. Woods Prizes were distributed as follows:

First Prize: Anthony Rozmajzl, “The True Economic Impacts of Blockchain Technology”

Second Prize: Melissa Lueken, “A Methodological Consideration of Behavioral Economics”

Third Prize: Daniel Sanchez-Pinol Yulee, “Risk and the Capital Structure: A Causal-Realist Approach”

Now what does this have to do with anything?

The money I donated to this worthy cause came entirely out of the earnings I’d pulled in from applying what I’d learned from one of the masters of the online universe. (I publicly thanked him on Facebook at the time for making it possible.)

In fact, I ended up taking every last dime I earned from this guy’s stuff and giving it all away to people and causes that really needed it.

I had never been in a position to do that before. It felt good.

And it’s not because I have a big audience, by the way; in this area I don’t have such a big audience, and I’m still beating affiliates with ten times the following I have.

What’s my secret?



Guess Who Was Just Nominated to Head the IRS

February 13th, 2018   |   By Tom Woods

You almost certainly don’t know his name. But I have to admit, it’s a hilarious nomination.

It’s a guy who has spent his life defending embattled taxpayers against the IRS. He’s even helped people with offshore accounts and the like.

His name is Charles Rettig.

I loved the New York Times headline: “To Lead IRS, Trump Nominates Lawyer Who Battled It.”

The Young Turks put it this way: “Trump IRS Nominee Built Career Helping the Rich Avoid Taxes.”

(Of course, “the rich” for The Young Turks is anyone wealthy enough to actually owe income taxes.)

Now you and I know there shouldn’t be an IRS at all. But if I absolutely had to appoint a director, it would be precisely this kind of person.

Meanwhile, the IRS couldn’t seize wealth in the first place if productive people hadn’t created it.

Mark Hendricks, the Internet marketing expert who succumbed to cancer last year, was the opposite of the IRS: he built up rather than tore down; he created value rather than seizing the creations of others.

His estate is having a major sale on his body of information products, which have helped thousands of people make online livings.

They’re even letting you sell his products and keep all the profits.

So you’re aiding a good cause by helping out Mark’s family, and also helping yourself.

You can just keep the products and learn from them, thereby carrying on Mark’s legacy, or you can have an instant business of your own, selling Mark’s excellent material to others.

Sell just one thing and make back your whole investment.

The estate is withdrawing this offer tomorrow, though.

I’ve even added some bonuses:

The thing to get, to get my bonuses:

How to Deal With Demons From the Pit of Hell

February 9th, 2018   |   By Tom Woods

John McCain and Chuck Schumer are horrible people, and they somehow get worse with time.

I’ve invested an enormous amount of time into political (and, I guess, intellectual) activism — so much so that I think I’ve made my personal happiness dependent on how successful we are.

Don’t get me wrong: I still care deeply about all the stuff I’ve written and spoken about over the years.

But if I let these creatures determine my level of happiness, then the terrorists have won.

These days I’m taking the advice of Harry Browne: create as much freedom for yourself as you can in this unfree world.

My top priority: taking care of the people closest to me. That’s my family and some close friends. After that, I help out libertarian causes I consider important.

I don’t think of freedom as something I have to sit and wait for Congress to grant me.

When it comes to my own life, I think in practical terms: what things can I do, that are entirely within my own power, that can give me the life I want?

There’s plenty in your control, right now. Yes, the Fed stinks. But you can have a great life anyway.

Imagine being able to take the family to interesting and exotic places on a regular basis.

Or: an unexpected setback occurs — a big hospital bill, or a major car repair — and you don’t have a knot in your stomach trying to figure out how you’re going to cover it.

You can dig ditches.

Or you can do this:


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