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Got the Stuffings Beat Out of Me in a Sales Contest

June 25th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Everything in the story you are about to hear is true.

Not even the names have been changed.

I was once involved in a sales contest. I was an affiliate. I earned commissions every time someone bought through my link.

In many such contests, the product creator offers prizes to the top affiliates, in addition to the commissions.

For this product, there were three prizes.

LEADS CONTEST. Whoever got the most people to sign up for the creator’s free content earned $20,000. That’s not a misprint. $20,000. In addition to commissions.

OVERALL SALES CONTEST. Whoever sold the most units over the 10-day period when the product was available earned $50,000. That, too, was in addition to commissions.

FINAL 36 HOURS CONTEST. Whoever sold the most units in the final 36 hours before the doors were closed on the product earned $50,000. Again, in addition to commissions.

Ready for the winners’ names?


So over the course of two weeks, Mark Ling earned $120,000 in prizes alone. Add in commissions, and he earned well over half a million dollars in two weeks. Possibly as much as $700,000.

How do I know?

As I said, I was in the contest, too.

I read all the updates, and I in effect watched Mark do this.

Lesson: he knows what he’s talking about. He can make sales like nobody’s business.

So no, his claims are not unrealistic. I’ve watched him live them, close up.

Here’s the model he follows to crush it this insanely:


Screw That Graduation Speech You Heard, and Instead Be Like Everyone Else

June 25th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I graduated first in my class at North Andover High School in 1990. So I had to give a speech.

Point in my favor: I refused to give one of those “follow your dreams” and “you’re special” speeches.

Point against: I instead gave a speech urging people to pay higher taxes for schools.


(See, I tell you folks things I would never admit to on my libertarian email list.)

Sometimes it pays to listen to those boilerplate speeches and be original.

In other cases you’re just wasting your time and energy.

This is one of the latter.

Virtually everyone I know who’s successful online follows this strategy:

(1) Send people to an opt-in page for a free gift (an eBook, video series, whatever), or for an inexpensive product (a $7 eBook, for example).

(2) Follow up via email with relevant offers for that audience. Earn commissions on sales.

(3) Repeat.

Some people I know have a few other strategies they employ alongside this, but pretty much everyone does at least this.

That’s because it works. Man, does it work.

The trouble is, (1) is easier said than done. How do you get people to your page in the first place, and how do you make sure they’re the kind of people who’d be interested in what you have waiting for them there?

(Of course, if you’re a true newbie you probably have no idea how to create one of those pages in the first place, but I promise it’s easy.)

The search engines aren’t much help; your opt-in site is too “thin” for Google to rank.

Facebook ads are great, but can be tricky for a newbie.

Hint: what about those people with huge YouTube and Facebook followings in your niche? Might you be able to give them an incentive to send you some traffic?

Oh, and how can you be sure you’re choosing a niche with plenty of products that carry decent commissions?

All this stuff is covered in a webinar we recorded a couple of days ago. Check it out right away, because she’s being taken down super soon:


The Four Horsemen of Online Earning

June 25th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Suppose someone said:

“I can speak 15 languages. I’m fluent!”

But the person never spoke those languages in front of you, and refused whenever you asked.

You might start to wonder.

I’m the same way: when I see people say, “I earn $X!” I want proof.

Yesterday I gave you my favorite example of proof.

I was in a sales contest, which had three prizes: $20,000 for the person who brought in the most leads, $50,000 for the person who made the most sales, and $50,000 for the person who made the most sales in the last 36 hours.

Mark Ling beat everyone, and won all three contests. That’s $120K in prizes in two weeks — and that’s not to mention the commissions he earned, which must have been at least $400K more.

So yeah, Mark earns a lot, and he really does know how to do this stuff.

He spent some time with us a couple of days ago, discussing the main models people use to earn a living, or a side income, online. He covered things like this:

(1) Niches. What are some of the best online niches, with plenty of products to promote that pay good commissions?

(2) Traffic. How do you get eyeballs on what you have to offer? This is the single biggest hurdle people face. Mark gives away a bunch of ideas, but idea #1 is the best — and the one almost no beginner ever thinks of.

(3) His email strategy. Totally different from mine, so it may be worth seeing a different perspective. He used his style to beat the daylights out of me in that contest I mentioned, so there’s that….

(4) The quickest products to create. You think you can’t create a product to sell online? Not only can you, but Mark tells you the exact kind to produce — quick, costlessly reproducible, and idiot-proof. You can make this product in one day. No joke.

Warning: he makes you an offer at the end (oooh!). Whether you take Mark’s offer or not, his presentation gives you an excellent overview of what a master of online business does, and it should get you thinking in productive and creative ways.

He’s taking it down pretty darn soon, though:


My Conversation With George Harrison-ish

June 22nd, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I was an unusual kid. (We know, Woods, we know.)

I was a Beatles fan in the 1980s. I knew no other Beatles fans my age.

I went to a Beatles convention when I was about 10, and I met Pete Best, the drummer who was eventually replaced by Ringo Starr, just as the band was about to achieve massive success.

“You must have wanted to kill yourself,” I once heard a radio host say to him.

Earlier this week I saw a Beatles tribute band called Liverpool Legends. They were excellent. They had the music down, yes, but also the singing voices, the speaking voices, the mannerisms, the sense of humor, the stage presence, everything.

I found out a little about them, and it turns out they’ve played to audiences of as many as 100,000.

Then tonight I ran into them in a bar. (I’m on a cruise ship at the moment.) I bought them all a drink, and wound up striking up a conversation with Marty Scott, the guy who plays George Harrison.

It turns out he’s a former bond trader [!] who decided the stress was going to kill him, so as a lifelong musician he jumped at the chance to become a Beatle, so to speak. He asked for a copy of Meltdown, my book on the financial crisis. My kind of Beatle.

Naturally I started thinking about the business angle. These guys have found themselves a niche, all right: Beatles fans.

And it’s a niche not just anyone can enter. You need all the qualities I mentioned at the beginning.

So that’s great for them: less competition.

Not good for you: you want niches you can enter without needing unusual talents.

If you want to earn dough online, you need a niche. A good one.

Identifying good niches, then dominating them, is what Mark Ling has specialized in for 18 years.

He’s going to give you 20 niche ideas, plus a way to identify hundreds more, in a live session I’ve arranged for you.

If you’ve been reading these and figuring you won’t go, please reconsider. Literally nothing is more important to your success than niche selection.

And we’re donating $5 to Antiwar.com for every live attendee, so I hope to see you there:


Columbia University’s Attempt to Raise Money From Me

June 19th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I got my Ph.D. at Columbia University. I thought it was a lunatic asylum then.

Over the weekend I received this. It’s intended as a fundraising letter, if you can believe it.

Headline: You make innovative research possible, Dr. Woods!

Here’s the “innovative research”:

“My upbringing in Long Island, in a mostly white community, created a sheltered vision of what hip-hop culture is. As I entered college, I was suddenly confronted with my own identity, driving me to learn more about issues of race, class, and gender within the culture that has taught me so much.

“At the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, my research could transcend traditional academic boundaries. My master’s was in American Studies, and my coursework spanned many departments as I examined the hip-hop cipher, or freestyle rap circle, as a means to communicate the values of the hip-hop community: education, politics, social norms, and ambitions.”

That was Ediz Ozelkan, Class of 2017 convocation speaker.

So you left graduate school an expert on “hip-hop culture”?

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

And of course, if you’re looking to support yourself in reasonable comfort, I wouldn’t recommend that.

Meanwhile, tons of people with no college degree at all, much less a doctorate, have figured out: if I pick a good niche and really learn my audience, I can absolutely clean up online.

Mark Ling, a successful online businessman for 18 years, knows how to do this. I’ve been learning from him myself for nearly two years.

He’s doing a free, private demonstration for my readers. And for every person who attends, $5 will be donated to Antiwar.com.

So grab your seat:


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