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The Professor Who Wouldn’t Tell Me His Name

November 6th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Hard to believe what this country is coming to.

Over the weekend I spoke at a fantastic conference, featuring lots of brilliant people with prestigious degrees, books published by major houses — all the credentials you could ask for.

But given the current state of American culture, a handful of attendees, including a college professor I met, were afraid to reveal their names.

Dissident opinions aren’t exactly welcome in academia, corporate America, or the press. And these folks didn’t want their livelihoods destroyed by professional smear artists.

But, as I told people in the room: there’s some good news all the same.

In the old days, dissidents like Jordan Peterson or Owen Benjamin would never have been heard from again.

Today, they’re Internet celebrities.

If you’re not yet a part of it, you’re sitting on the sidelines of history, as one of the most liberating forces of all time passes you by.

Tomorrow, Seth Young is going to join us to show you just how easy it is to (1) get a blog up with content posted in under 15 minutes; and (2) drive serious traffic to it.

Most people never even try (1), partly because they think they can’t do it. And very, very few ever figure out (2).

Tomorrow I’m handing you an unfair advantage. Take it.

Reserve your seat:


Images You Were Never Meant to See

October 27th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

Need a graphic of some kind designed? Well, just use Fiverr!


Once in a while I’ve had a decent result, but not lately.

Two recent examples:

You have to be kidding me. Those are hideous.

If you’re doing anything online, you’ll need some kind of graphics at some point, guaranteed. Could be eBook covers, product covers, whatever. Social media, meanwhile, has its own graphics requirements that you probably won’t want to navigate unaided. And like me, you may need graphics created on a regular basis.

At $150 a pop, that adds up.

I finally threw in the towel and started using Pixel Studio FX instead. It’s easy — even fun — to use, it generates exactly what I want even though I have zero design skills (and I mean zero), and it saves me a boatload of money. With my first cover I’d covered my small investment three times over.

It’s actually one of the few products I’ve written a testimonial for. That’s how thankful I am for it.

For just a couple more days, you can pick it up for a low one-time fee; after that it switches to a monthly charge, and you don’t want to pay that.

Save your sanity and your money, on something you will need if you’re planning to make your mark online:


A Doofus Like Me Made These

October 26th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

I’ve dealt with enough crappy Fiverr cover gigs to last me a lifetime, so for most of my book and product covers I’ve used Pixel Studio FX. Saves me aggravation, time, back-and-forths with uncomprehending freelancers, not to mention $100+ per design.

Thanks to Pixel Studio FX, even an idiot like me made these. Each one took me ten minutes, max. (So imagine what a competent person could accomplish!)

When I bought Pixel Studio FX it didn’t come with Social Studio FX (which produces excellent social media graphics, at just the right size) as a free bonus, as it does now.

Someday soon I’ll share with you the train wrecks I got from trying to get product covers designed on Fiverr. Ugh.

For now, save yourself serious dough and frustration, while the one-time special is still going:


My Almost-Karaoke on Board Ship Last Night

October 20th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

We’re continuing to have an incredible time aboard the Contra Cruise, the event I co-host with economist Bob Murphy.

Last night, after our daytime sessions and dinner, we had a private karaoke event for our people only. It was memorable, I’ll say that.

I came within inches of singing. If the ship had had Owner of a Lonely Heart, I just may have. But it didn’t.

I thought to myself: now there’s the very definition of a First World problem.

This luxurious cruise ship serving me exquisite food, and which can boast an ice skating rink, a Broadway-style production of Cats, a carousel, an AquaTheater featuring water-based acrobatics, a zipline, and a surf simulator, didn’t have the song I preferred for karaoke.

I survived.

I go out of my way to make sure my daughters grow up appreciating the miracles around them. Things like voice-to-text functionality on a smartphone are astonishing phenomena, not mere background features of life to be taken for granted.

Not surprisingly, these miracles can affect how we make a living, or a side income.

Instead of borrowing $1 million from the bank, you can open your own online store, with no need for physical inventory, for next to nothing, and with virtually no overhead.

Once you start making sales, you can use Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature to say: you see the people who have purchased from me? Find more people just like these and show them my ad.

Marketers from 20 years ago would have slit their own grandmothers’ throats for a tool like that.

This is how my listeners have been doing so well in eCommerce. Not that there isn’t work involved — there obviously is — but the technology carries a tremendous load for you, as opposed to what some poor soul with a brick-and-mortar store had to do in 1957.

For heaven’s sake, Fred Lam built an entire store in front of your eyes in a grand total of five minutes and four seconds last night.

It’s a different world. Yet so many people still make their livings as if it’s 1982.

He also delved into some different material from what he covered the first time he presented for us.

The clock is ticking, though.

If you’re thinking “Doggone it, it’s about time I got off the fence and did something,” this particular something has been life-changing for people who listen to my show.

Check out the replay, which won’t be up for long:


Anatomy of a Crappy, Crappy, Crappy eBook

October 12th, 2017   |   By Tom Woods

eBook giver-awayer: “Hey, I’ve got a free eBook for you! It’s great! It’s all about X!”

normal person: “Why, that sounds great, sir! I’ll sign up for it right now!”

[two minutes later]

normal person: “What the @#$%^& is this piece of %$#@?”

We’ve all been there.

“Hey, here’s an eBook in which I speak in pointless generalities that couldn’t possibly help you!”

Not this one.

Fred Lam’s book Starting From Zero: How to Build an Online Business When You’re Starting From Nothing features a foreword by Robert Kiyosaki, who has serious credibility. And it deals very specifically with every question you might have about opening an eCommerce store, which I featured success stories from on episode 1018 of my podcast.

— Where do I get the products?
— How can I do this without holding inventory?
— How do I set up the store?
— How do I decide how to set the products’ prices?
— How do I keep my budget under $100?
— Which of the zillion available apps does my store really need to work well?
— How do I drive traffic to my store?
— Once I’m successful, how do I scale up?

It’s a miracle: an actual book.

But you’re running out of time to get it.

Sign up for our workshop that’s taking place tomorrow (Friday, October 13) and you’ll receive Fred’s book electronically, for free.



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