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My Friends and I Laughed at This Kid's Dream. Then He Reached It

Posted by: By Tom Woods | July 20, 2017

A guy I knew in my high school class — and who came to my wedding, too, now that I think of it — had a ridiculous dream as a kid.

He was going to be a TV weatherman.

Sure you are, we said.

There are about five openings in the whole country. Good luck with that! I’m sure we’ll see you on TV.

We were nasty little snots.

Well, if you happen to live in Nashville, you may know meteorologist Dan Thomas of NBC’s WSMV channel 4. The SOB did it after all.

Before working in Nashville, by the way, Dan was stationed in New Orleans, where he reported on Hurricane Katrina, before having to be evacuated from New Orleans.

Dan and I, in turn, grew up with Todd Gross as our weatherman, on channel 5 in Boston.

Todd Gross, though, evacuated the entire profession. He now works completely online, making massive sales of his own products and affiliate products — in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

(So now he gets his weather on a smartphone app, just like you and me.)

He’s an expert when it comes to video, which can build your audience and increase your conversions (more $, in other words) like no other medium.

Todd’s brand new Video Builder gives you an unfair advantage over the mass of wannabes out there.

Stuff like this is what makes the difference between perpetual strugglers earning $0, and masters who dominate online.

Blow past your competitors:

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