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My Conversation With George Harrison-ish

Posted by: By Tom Woods | June 22, 2017

I was an unusual kid. (We know, Woods, we know.)

I was a Beatles fan in the 1980s. I knew no other Beatles fans my age.

I went to a Beatles convention when I was about 10, and I met Pete Best, the drummer who was eventually replaced by Ringo Starr, just as the band was about to achieve massive success.

“You must have wanted to kill yourself,” I once heard a radio host say to him.

Earlier this week I saw a Beatles tribute band called Liverpool Legends. They were excellent. They had the music down, yes, but also the singing voices, the speaking voices, the mannerisms, the sense of humor, the stage presence, everything.

I found out a little about them, and it turns out they’ve played to audiences of as many as 100,000.

Then tonight I ran into them in a bar. (I’m on a cruise ship at the moment.) I bought them all a drink, and wound up striking up a conversation with Marty Scott, the guy who plays George Harrison.

It turns out he’s a former bond trader [!] who decided the stress was going to kill him, so as a lifelong musician he jumped at the chance to become a Beatle, so to speak. He asked for a copy of Meltdown, my book on the financial crisis. My kind of Beatle.

Naturally I started thinking about the business angle. These guys have found themselves a niche, all right: Beatles fans.

And it’s a niche not just anyone can enter. You need all the qualities I mentioned at the beginning.

So that’s great for them: less competition.

Not good for you: you want niches you can enter without needing unusual talents.

If you want to earn dough online, you need a niche. A good one.

Identifying good niches, then dominating them, is what Mark Ling has specialized in for 18 years.

He’s going to give you 20 niche ideas, plus a way to identify hundreds more, in a live session I’ve arranged for you.

If you’ve been reading these and figuring you won’t go, please reconsider. Literally nothing is more important to your success than niche selection.

And we’re donating $5 to for every live attendee, so I hope to see you there:

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