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Man Who Claims to Have Visited the Year 6000 Describes What It's Like

Posted by: By Tom Woods | January 22, 2018

A video viewed three million times on ApexTV online shows a man claiming to be a whistleblower, part of an alleged government program to send people into the future.

He claims to have visited the year 6000.

He says in the future we’re no longer governed by human beings, but by artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence and human beings “are in the process of merging into one,” he says.

He speaks in extremely vague and general terms about life in the year 6000. You’d think he’d be full of details, but all he can come up with are “we’ve cured a lot of diseases” and “solved a lot of global problems.”

I’m not completely sure I believe the guy.

But forget the year 6000.

I’d be happy just to drag some people into 2018.

In 2018, you can start an online business without the zillions of dollars and the innumerable headaches of yesteryear, and you can work on it from anywhere in the world.

It can be your full-time living, or just a side hustle to make your life more comfortable.

Tomorrow night, Tom Woods Show friend and eCommerce expert Steve Clayton is going to walk you through it.

I am shaking you by the collar: be there.

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