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I Had the Filthiest Job at Harvard

Posted by: By Tom Woods | January 07, 2017

Going to Harvard sure sounds glamorous.

But someone has to clean the toilets.

That someone is the author of this very blog post.

Harvard dorm rooms are nicer than at most colleges. Nearly all of them have fireplaces, and they also have private bathrooms. None of this gang-shower-down-the-hall-like-you’re-living-at-the-YMCA horror. You had your own bathroom.

Some sucker had to clean them. That was my job. I cleaned bathrooms at Dunster House, the building where Will’s girlfriend lived in the movie Good Will Hunting. (That’s not the real interior of Dunster, though.)

It was about as unpleasant as you’re thinking it must have been.

I don’t care how “privileged” their background — college men are not known for keeping a clean bathroom.

In those days the Internet was still in its infancy. Had it been around then, I hope I would have been entrepreneurial enough to figure out that it was a ludicrous waste of my time to spend eight to 15 hours per week cleaning bathrooms.

I could have been earning probably ten times as much creating websites for local businesses.

We held a workshop yesterday on how to do that. I found you guys a platform filled with templates for all kinds of businesses. It’s truly idiot-proof.

And the beauty is: no one else is going to approach businesses in your area with a website creation offer. Everyone else is doing the equivalent of cleaning Harvard bathrooms.

Watch this, and then try to tell me you couldn’t do it. You absolutely can. Or your teenagers can — instead of wasting summers doing menial jobs, they can be building portfolios (not to mention their self-confidence).

Check it out — but do it quickly, because it’s being taken down soon:


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