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Hilarious Robot Stymies Telemarketers Who Try to Bother You

Posted by: By Tom Woods | June 16, 2017

A guy in the telecom industry recently grew tired not just of telemarketers in general but of scammers in particular — people who try get sensitive financial information, or even your money, from you.

So he created a series of bots, each with its own personality, who can trick these people into thinking they’re speaking to real human beings, and thereby tie them up for extended periods of time.

I interviewed him for The Tom Woods Show; the episode will air next week.

A brilliant idea, going after people nobody likes. I doubt even telemarketers themselves enjoy doing what they do.

Thankfully, there’s no need to do cold-call telemarketing anymore. Once you’ve identified a niche you’d like to enter, there are plenty of ways online to track down eager buyers without ever having to pick up the phone. (What is this, after all, 1977?) It’s not rocket science, and it’s not the hideous misery of cold calling.

Mark Ling has prospered online in niches like music education, health, the Paleo diet, personal development, and more. And he hasn’t had to pick up the phone once.

He spends 80% of his time doing what he teaches, and 20% of his time teaching what he does. (Oh, and he’s a gazillionaire.)

By all accounts, he’s one of the good guys. He’s the Robert Higgs of Internet marketing, for my libertarian readers — someone who’s somehow liked by everyone and all factions.

He’s recorded a nice video overview of what he does — which is, in essence, what all successful online folks do. Mark just happens to be a monster at it:

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